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2004 Pickup Truck of the Year: Three of a Kind

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Craig Perronne
| Brand Manager, Dirt Sports & Off Road
Posted June 9, 2004

Huge trucks, huge surprise

It is 114 degrees out, and do you know where your Four Wheeler staffers have been? We've been out testing trucks in the depths of the California desert. Why? Because we love trucks, and we especially love to find out which ones work well in the most grueling conditions. Nothing beats having a truck that can play hard but still tow and haul whatever we want. Today's trucks are better than they have ever been. Unlike many SUVs, they are not being diluted into cars. Trucks, while becoming more refined, remain true to their work-like nature to provide plenty of horsepower and capability. So it's hard not to get excited about spending a few days in the latest trucks.

For a truck to be eligible for competition in our Pickup Truck of the Year test, it has to be either new or significantly changed-that means, it's been altered enough for the new year to affect its performance on and off the road. Once we figure out who can compete, invitations are sent out to the manufacturers. That doesn't mean a truck that is allowed to compete will always show up. Sometimes a manufacturer cannot get us a truck in time or simply chooses not to compete. That was the case this year with the Chevrolet Colorado, which arrived a day too late to be included. Stay tuned for a future test of this interesting new vehicle.

This year, what showed up in time and ready for battle were the Ford F-150, the Nissan Titan and the Toyota Tundra Double Cab. What did we discover about them? The answer is, in short, plenty. To find out what, read on.

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