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2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Review - Long-Term Update

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on March 1, 2005
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The Tundra has spawned quite a following amongst our editorial staff, favored for its carlike interior and full roll-down rear window. In fact, many of our scheduled rotations are interrupted by requests to use the Tundra for road trips and hauling tasks. Most of the time, however, our Tundra is unloaded and eager to blast up freeway onramps in hopes that Smokey's flashing lights are nowhere to be found. It's easy to speed in the Tundra without even realizing it, likely due to its well-insulated interior and refined aerodynamics-and no, that excuse didn't work for us either. (Perhaps the officer was jealous when he found out we were just testing out the 4.7L V-8's acceleration.) Citations aside, this pickup really does a good job on and off the road. The factory-equipped limited-slip rearend does a great job at ensuring forward progress without hesitation or drama. We're surprised with the Tundra's tight chassis in the dirt, too; in spots where some trucks might divulge creaks and cracks, the Tundra's stiff body and frame remain quiet and calm.

We'd like to see the optional trip computer if we were going to purchase our own Tundra, and the optional front seat heaters would also be a nice addition. Otherwise, we like the truck's optional equipment package with its leather seats and large moonroof. We also feel the rear DVD entertainment system is money well spent if you have kids. We can't complain about the generous rear passenger legroom, either.

The plush interior of the Tundra resembles that of a luxury sedan. It remains consistent with the truck's no-nonsense exterior attributes. The Tundra interior sticks to the "everything you need and nothing you don't" principle.

Previous report: Oct. '04
Base price: $32,600
Price as tested: $38,262
Four-wheel-drive system: Electronic touch-select two-speed transfer case

Miles to date: 16,612
Miles since last report: 8,674
Average mpg: 13.0
Best tank mpg: 16.4
Worst tank mpg: 7.4 (towing)

Full synthetic oil Change: $40.42
Tire rotation: $6

Hot: Overall fit and finish; this truck sets the bar high and continues to impress.
Not: The bed of the Tundra lacks sufficient tie-down points, and the slippery bedliner is difficult to work with when you're hauling heavy or fragile items.

* "Quiet and smooth, much like a Lexus."
* "Wide turning radius makes it difficult to park in tight spots."
* "The oil level dipstick is difficult to put back."

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