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2004 Nissan Titan Review - Long-Term Report

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on July 1, 2005
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Photographers: Robin Stover

With another 2,600 miles since our last report, the Titan is still the workhorse of the Four Wheeler West Coast fleet. Other than the factory bedliner looking a little bit worse for wear from nearly a year of being roughed up by our staff, our Titan is holding up well. Just ask anyone around these parts; 20,000 Four Wheeler miles are more akin to 75,000 common-man miles. If it'll break in the lifetime that you'll own the truck, we'll do it here first-and it will only take us a year.

They invented bed extenders for people like us, and the Titan's has served us well.

As you can tell by the mileage, the Titan is still a staff favorite for long road trips, which we attribute to the spacious and well-appointed cabin of our LE model. Another feature that helps to soothe each savage mile is the factory audio input, which allows us audiophiles on staff to hook up our iPods and rock out as the miles pile on.

The logbook is still filled with comments surrounding the excellent 5.6L DOHC V-8 and five-speed automatic transmission, which, with 305 hp on tap provides more than enough horses to keep the Titan flying over sand dunes and washes. Although, that type of high-speed four-wheeling is hazardous to the health of the stock BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/As, as Feature Editor Robin Stover found out when the low-pressure alarm screamed at him from somewhere behind the dash. Robin did note, however, that the alarm was cool and he appreciated that the spare was on a matching rim to the rest of the truck. This allowed him to return the Titan to its designated parking stall and evade the usual harassment that accompanies a staffer who returns with a mismatched wheel after an outing.

With the recent departure of our long-term Tundra Double Cab, the Titan has picked up some extra towing duty and performed each task without complaint. As we enter the last quarter of service with the Titan, it is clear that Nissan has sold each and everyone on staff on its ability to play and be successful in the competitive fullsize game.

Previous report: Jan. '05, May '05
Base price: $34,200
Price as tested: $36,850
Four-wheel-drive system: Electronic two-speed transfer case

Miles to date: 18,915
Miles since last report: 2,613
Average mpg (this report): 12.5
Test best tank mpg: 17.0
Test worst tank mpg: 8.5

Problem areas: Suspension noise

Hot: The engine and transmission are still garnering all the logbook praise, and we love how maneuverable the Titan is for its size. Kudos to Nissan's engineering staff on the relatively tight turning radius.
Not: We think the Titan was named after the size of its A-pillar, which contributes to one heck of a blind spot, especially noticeable when trying to maneuver through parking lots, or around off-pavement obstacles.

* "Man, this truck hauls ass."
* "Very tight turning radius, awesome at making U-turns."
* "Got a flat tire and the alarm sounded. Cool."
* "Hard to see around giant A-pillars."

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