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Nissan 4x4 Trail Ride in Arizona - Off Road Trucks

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on October 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Spring-time again for another weeklong wheeling adventure. For the last six years, a group of Nissan 4x4 enthusiasts have held a gathering to tackle some trails, do some camping, and share in camaraderie. So when Andy Schauer contacted us last March, wanting to know if we'd like to attend Arizona Run VI, we said sure thing.

Following a huge rainstorm a few days before, the event started east of Phoenix in the Florence Junction area. As drivers converged from places as far away as Dallas, the group set up base camp, and over the course of three days ran the Woodpecker, Ajax, and Martinez trails. These are essentially wash trails interconnected with remnants of old prospecting roads.

The Charouleau Gap trail winds its way through the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Coronado National Forest near Tucson. The 4,000-foot elevation made for a cold evening of camping.

With stunning weather and challenging trails, the group had a great time with some leisurely camping strewn in. On day four, camp was broken and everyone followed a sandy canyon trail back to the highway and 60 miles south to a new camping spot after topping off fuel and food supplies. The last couple of days were spent in the Santa Catalina Mountains following the Charouleau Gap trail. This scenic course winds its way through a series of washes and canyons and traverses elevations to over 5,000 feet. We spent a final evening camping here before ending the week out running trails. To top it off, the camp food was great, and on the last night the group shared digital photos from the week projected on a makeshift projector screen out in the boonies. Calmini kicked in some raffle prizes too, so there were some lucky parts winners who took home some goodies. If you're interested in next year's event, click on the link below, and you could be wheeling at Arizona Run VII.

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