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Posted in Vehicle Reviews on October 27, 2004 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Wendy Frazier
If you have an older truck, start looking for clean sheetmetal right now. Mike says that was one of the harder parts to get for a 30-year old truck. It's easy to find aftermarket products like the American Racing 16.5x16 wheels and Super Swamper 44x18.50x16.5 tires. He has also upgraded to all-around disc brakes and braided stainless Teflon lines with Earl fittings to halt the massive meats in their tracks.

First off, let's get this straight: the elephant reference relates to the truck's size not the jungle animal's skin, sloth, or stench. Perhaps the comment is based on the 44-inch massive meats and the 12 inches of lift that it takes to fit them on a '70 C30. And maybe there is some merit in comparing the truck to the trunk because the truck likes to throw mud all over itself too.

Aside from mud slinging, Mike Platz built the GMC as a form of "stress management." That's a lot of stress considering that he bought the truck as his first form of transportation over 22 years ago--when he was 15, but that's one for his shrink. Over the years, Mike has built the truck up several times, including the most recent version, which took about 11 months, $5,000, and "approximately 3,380.8 beers." Mostly, he notes, all of the benefits come from having a carnal knowledge of the workings of his truck and that the truck knows about working in the field, in the mud, or in the gravel pit.

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