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1989 Ford Bronco Suspension - The Key to TTB

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Wendy Frazier | Writer
Posted November 19, 2004

Making a Better Bronco With Tuff Country

In 1980 the Bronco went from a straight Dana 44 front axle to what Ford calls the Twin Traction Beam front suspension. The TTB system is Ford's '80-'96 version of an independent front suspension. Mechanically, the TTB axle is similar to a straight axle. However, it uses a hinge in the middle. Think of a totally open pair of scissors and you have the idea. The inboard ends of the housings are attached to a frame-mounted crossmember, while the outboard ends support the steering knuckle and are attached to the frame through the springs and radius arms.

Our assignment was to learn all we could about Ford's Twin Traction Beam suspensions at fullsize truck specialist PG Series 4x4 in El Cajon, California. With the help of our connections at PG and at Tuff Country Suspensions and an '89 Ford Bronco, we gathered as many TTB installation tips as our greasy hands could grab.

Just a day after completing the lift install, we were out testing the capabilities and characteristics of the new suspension. With new 33-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claws on M/T 16x10 Classic II wheels, the Bronco really stands out. For the first impressions see the sidebar "Night and Day Differences."


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