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Interior Door Panels

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on November 19, 2004 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Rick Péwé

Most of us that drive beaters really don't care what the outside or inside of our rigs looks like. It's a fact, yet people spend inordinate amounts of money keeping their rigs in perfect condition, to the point of not even driving them in the rain, much less on the street. However, once the clothes or skin start to rip off your body from ragged sheetmetal or jagged door panels, something has to be done. In our case, the door panels were merely crusty and split from UV rays, and only tore the nylons from women's legs as they tried to get in for a night on the town. Yes, something had to be done.

Since ours is such a common '81 Chevy Blazer, we knew a junkyard would be the first stop, but the price quoted for tattered trim made us reconsider so we pulled out a recent Year One catalog. We found not only door panels, but happily the lower carpet piece, door pulls, and even the tools to make the job a snap, all at a reasonable cost. Check out what a simple little job it is to replace door interiors for less than $300, and spruce up the inside of your 4x4 for a truly meaningful relationship.

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The final touch is the window crank installation. We first checked the angle of the handle before installing the retaining clip, so that the crank pointed the right way when the window was up or down. Once you like the angle, slip on the clip and install the crank.


Year One
Tucker, GA 30085


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