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Adjustable Lift Kits for Jeep Cherokee

131 0204 Coil 01 Z
Rick Péwé | Writer
Posted November 19, 2004

Here's a Trick Widget That Works

With all the high-tech doodads being produced for suspension nowadays, it's a wonder this trick product took so long to reach the market. Delightfully simple yet strong and functional, the new ACOS (adjustable coilover spacer) from Off Road General Store (ORGS) solves a multitude of problems that coil-sprung Jeeps have suffered from. From lift to lean and sagged out springs, there is now an answer.

Regardless of which lift you put on your XJ, TJ, or ZJ, the front coils simply index into the stock upper bracket, and maybe a spacer or two will be needed to further adjust the ride height. The trouble is the addition of a big bumper or a winch will cause the front end to compress the springs, giving your Jeep a nose-down attitude. And even though the left and right sides of the Jeep are identical, minor manufacturing differences can cause the vehicle to lean to one side, as can funky lift springs or crushed spacers.

The ACOS from ORGS simply bolts in place of the upper spring isolators, and provides a new location for the springs to rest on. Many lift kits are simply an aluminum or polyurethane spacer, which spaces the coil away from the mount. The ACOS does the same thing, but allows a wide range of adjustment so that you can literally dial in the suspension height that you need, and alter it from side to side if needed. We slapped on a set of ACOS in less than an hour over at ORGS, and wouldn't be afraid to try it at home either. Check out the simplicity of the ACOS, and see if it's the answer to your coil-sprung Jeep's suspension.


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