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131 0206 Oru01 Z

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In Part 1, we left you guessing how to make the factory fuel injection work. Originally we planned to use the stock 8.1L computer, but knew it would have a fit when we transplanted the engine to its new home. The secret to our success was Alan Tehan from Precision Automotive, and this little fourth-generation engine control module. Tehan stepped forward and saved our skin by programming this super EFI computer to work with the factory sensors and injectors on our engine. When tuned by Precision Automotive this is arguably the most advanced (and affordable) EFI controller on the market and will run anything from a TBI four-cylinder to a TPI V-12 in a speed density mode. You can run a distributor or a coil-near-plug ignition system like our 8.1. The system has two separate timing tables so it can retard or advance the ignition timing for different octane grades of fuel. It can control staged nitrous and work with forced-induction engines up to 15 pounds of boost.