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Toys on the New Trail

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on November 23, 2004 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Rick Péwé

It's a new trail out in Johnson Valley. And with a new trail comes new opportunities. If you're there at its inception, you may be the one to give it its first name. You can be the first to roll on it. You can leave the first swatch of paint on a sharp outcrop. Or you can simply be the first to relieve yourself on a rock. The point is, given the remoteness and vastness of Johnson Valley, there's a good chance that you can play Neil Armstrong and be the first human to ever set foot in any given place.

Johnson Valley is located about 60 miles east of Victorville just north of Highway 18. Basically, you just look for the dirt road to Means Dry Lakebed to the north of the highway between Apple Valley and Lucerne Valley. Why are we telling you this? Because Johnson Valley is the off-road playground of Southern California. It has sand dunes, sick rockcrawl trails, a big, honking dry lakebed, and miles and miles of whoops-filled dirt roads. Hell, if we didn't live right in its backyard we'd fly in, rent a Jeep, and have some fun.

So why a three-page article on all of this? We got a call from Jon Bundrant of All Pro Off Road who let us know that he and a bunch of friends were breaking a new trail during the 10th annual 4Runner Jamboree. This year there were more than 200 Land Cruisers, pickups, 4Runners, and buggies. What better excuse could we need to hit a few trails, check out some Toyotas in the rocks, and count the broken Birfields? We hope you enjoy.

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