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More Air, More Power

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on November 23, 2004 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Jim Harmon

With the introduction of the new '02 Dodge Ram body style, manufacturers of performance parts had to go back to the drawing board due to changes in location of the engine and accessories. The suspension is also new, so lifts for the older Rams won't work either. With the popularity of the new body style, parts manufacturers are working overtime to develop and adapt their product line for this hot new truck on the market. Add to that the new Ram HD scheduled for arrival later this year, and there will be another rush to develop more parts for this next addition to the Dodge product lineup.

CGS Motorsports in Pomona, California, saw the possibilities of the new Ram and got one for its '01 SEMA project. In addition to the lift, interior upgrades, and wheels, CGS saw a need for performance improvement. CGS has already developed a full line of high-performance air intakes for Chevy, Ford, and Dodge, so it was natural that the company decided to develop one for the new Ram Quad Cab 4x4.

The company discarded the stock air hat in favor of its new high-flow air hat. Next CGS coupled the air hat with a 3-inch-diameter heavy-duty steel tube, powdercoated inside and out for durability and increased airflow without turbulence. With the addition of a high-flow, reusable air filter, the kit was complete. Magnum motors are sensitive to losing horsepower at higher intake air temperatures, so CGS put a sleeve of heat-repellent fabric over the intake tube to keep the air temperatures as close to ambient as possible.

The biggest problem with most air intake systems on the market is that they fail to allow for engine movement. With a plastic air hat on the engine and a support bracket attached tightly to the fenderwell, something has to give. CGS came up with a support bracket system that used a flexible metal bracket along with rubber bushings. This allows for the support of the air intake kit, but also for movement of the motor under load and revving. The inclusion of this special bracket support system increases the durability of the kit and keeps you from having to buy a new air hat every year.

We watched as the guys at CGS took us through the install process on their Ram. With a nut driver and a T25 Torx driver as the only tools, the intake system looked great when they were done. According to their testing, about 10 to 12 rear-wheel horsepower was gained. The cost is around $200 for the kit plus another 20 minutes install time.

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