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If Only...

131 0304 Cvtk01 Z
David Kennedy
| Contributor
Posted October 20, 2004
Photographers: Jerrod Jones

Why doesn't GM give us HD trucks from the factory with solid front axles? Could you imagine how many more people would build and wheel them if it did? You don't have to be a Chevy guy to respect what GM Powertrain has been able to do with the General's drivetrains, but by off-road standards even Chevy guys scratch their heads over why the GM engineers dropped the ball in the front-axle department.

In order for Mitch Doukas (who is a Chevy guy) of Santa Cruz, California, to run the 39-inch Mickey Thompson tires he wanted on his '02 2500 HD, a Ford Dana 60 was slung under the Chevy by Central Coast Four Wheel Drive and sprung with Ford Super Duty leaf springs. The durability of this setup is proven and the looks speak for themselves. So until GM reverses its thinking on front axles (don't hold your breath) or we figure out a way to make the IFS hold up to huge tires (we're working on it, we swear!), don't expect to see many daily-driven HD trucks like Mitch's on the road. But if you do, try not to get too jealous.


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