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Expensive Passion

131 0305 Cvtk01 Z
David Kennedy
| Contributor
Posted October 20, 2004
Photographers: Jerrod Jones

Another Way to Spend Fifty Grand on a 4x4

We've been showing you a lot of expensive extreme 4x4s lately. They're all cool and we hope they've been a source of ideas when you're trying to make your own 4x4 better. The problem is some of them have to be towed to the trail because they're not street legal, and some are only good for driving off-road when the weather is nice. Don't get us wrong; those rigs work awesome in their element and we're going to keep bringing them to you. But from time to time we'll show you some clean well-built rigs that you could drive every day without wishing you owned something else and/or attracting negative attention from local law enforcement.

Damon Psaros' '01 Silverado 1500 is the kind of truck we're talking about, and even though it's got that pretty-boy look and a better stereo system than some of us will ever own, we won't hold it against him. Damon has been building this truck for the past two years and he finally got to the point were it is more fun to drive it than it is to sink money into. Think of this as a show truck gone bad and it's time for Damon to enjoy it. The truck was almost entirely owner-built, and though you'd never know it from the flawless paint, it has been off-road on some intermediate trails.

When we caught up with Damon he was doing some "CV shaft testing" on a loose hillclimb. Now we know how much abuse the 1/2-ton parts can handle, proving you can learn from clean trucks.


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