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'Yota Bits

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on October 21, 2004 Comment (0)
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We have a Toyota truck and the darn thing just keeps on running, but a running stock truck can still leave a bit to be desired. After 200,000 miles the stock suspension is shot, the body is beat, and the interior smells funny, so the list of desired parts is about a mile long. We've been checking out who has cool stuff for Toyotas and would like to pass on these contacts to you. So if you also own a mad squirrel wheeler (aka Toyota mini-truck) or a Cruiser, or if you are thinking about getting one, then here are some suppliers of everything for your Toy.

Big Air 'Yota
Donahoe Racing's suspension gurus have a new 21/2-inch Tacoma and Tundra Performance shock. This coilover system has six months of real world testing by the guys who brought home 17 off-road racing championships. This is a real-performance suspension that improves on- and off-road handling. It's not just a lift kit. The system lifts Tacomas 3 inches and Tundras 21/2 inches for extra ground clearance. The kit is available for two- and four-wheel-drive trucks. Information: Donahoe Racing, 714/632-3033,

Vroom Vroom 'Yota
LC Engineering specializes in Toyota 20R, 22R, 22RE, 2RZ, and 3RZ engine performance parts. Whether you run a rockcrawling 4x4, a slammed street truck, or a tired trail rig, the company can help wedge some more ponies under your mini-truck's hood. LC Engineering can supply everything from manifolds to crankshafts to complete crate engines, and it has been able to pull more than 200 horses from these little engines in full-race buildups. If your 'Yota is getting high on miles and it's time for a rebuild with a bit more power, contact these guys for the full deal. Information: LC Engineering, 928/505-2501,

Rockcrawling 'Yota
All Pro Off Road is known as the rockcrawling Toyota mini-truck specialist. They have been wrenching on Toyotas since before rockcrawling was cool and can supply everything from body protection to solid-axle swap kits. The crew is knowledgeable and tells great jokes, plus they can supply you with parts to make your lame old stock rig into a rock-hopping machine. If you have heard the call of the great granite trails, and you want to tackle them in your 4Runner or mini-truck, contact All Pro to check out their various suspension, steering, body armor and gearing options. Information: All Pro Off Road, 909/658-7077,

Man-A-Fre is the one of oldest operating Toyota Land Cruiser parts and accessories businesses in the world. Founded in 1967, Man-A-Fre deals in all things Land Cruiser: suspensions, tow bumpers, engines, transmissions/transfer cases, Bull Bars, grilleguards, fuel-injection conversions, performance equipment, axles, brake upgrades, and much more. Drop them a line when you are ready to upgrade your rig to a more trail-ready status. Information: Man-A-Fre, 877/626-2373,

Independent 'Yota Suspensions
When it comes to going fast, independent front suspension has the upper hand, and Total Chaos Fabrication has been investigating ways to take your IFS Toyota to the dirt for some serious romping. The company offers suspension kits for '86-'95 pickups, plus four-wheel-drive Tacomas, PreRunners, and two- or four-wheel-drive Tundras that allow 12 to 13 inches of travel, so nearly any Toyota truck owner could be readied for some dune abusing. The kits include 4130 chromoly upper and lower A-arms and provide clearance for up to 33-inch tires. Information: Total Chaos Fabrication, 909/737-9682,

Canadian 'Yota Bits
O.T.T. Industries from British Columbia, Canada, has a variety of trick adapters for putting GM truck four-speeds up to Toyota truck engines and transfer cases. O.T.T. also has some burly high-steer arms for Toyota front axles including FJ80 Land Cruiser axles. One of the most unusual yet ingenious products we have found is the O.T.T. Toyota-to-Dana 300 adapter that mates the Toyota transfer case to a Dana 300 transfer case. This kit allows for true twin-stick capability (front only, rear only in High, Low, and Double Low!) and offers a wide selection of aftermarket gear choices. Information: O.T.T. Industries, 604/764-7871,

'Yota Cruisers Restored
TLC is a virtual Land Cruiser paradise. With a variety of options available to Land Cruiser owners or owners-to-be, TLC has the bases covered. It can do everything from restorations to modifications and is stocked with various OEM Toyota and GM parts as well as a plethora of aftermarket parts. In addition to its Land Cruiser wrecking yard for hard-to-find used parts, the company also sells top-notch, fully restored vehicles. So whether you want a turn-key rig, parts for your own, or something in between, TLC has options. Information: TLC, 818/785-2200,

Baja 'Yota
With nearly 10 years in business, Duffco Enterprises offers a product line of suspensions, bumpers, and fiberglass for your Toyota truck. Its products are designed to give both the function and the look of a Baja racing vehicle. By utilizing TIG and MIG welding, hydraulic tube bending, and high-definition plasma cutting, along with expertise in chassis design, custom fabrication, and professional installation, Duffco is ready to help you build a better off-road truck. Information: Duffco Enterprises, 888/292-0533,

Newer 'Yota Cruiser Collection
Slee Off-Road is a specialty shop dedicated to outfitting late-model Toyota off-road vehicles. In 1998 the company started modifying the 80-Series Land Cruiser and it is currently the only company that offers a bolt-in 5-inch lift for '91-'97 Land Cruisers. From there they have expanded and now offer a full line of front bumpers, rear bumpers, rock sliders, and suspension components. Designed to offer maximum protection without compromising clearance, these products are ideally suited for today's trend towards rockcrawling. Information: Slee Off-Road, 303/278-8287,

2-Ton 'Yota Machines
Proffitt's Cruisers offers just about anything you could ask for dealing with Toyota Land Cruisers. Its services include full restorations, turnkey rockcrawlers, engine and tranny swaps, custom suspensions, rollcages, and body armor. Proffitt's manufactures several different styles of bumpers and rock silders for FJ40s, FJ60s, and mini-trucks. Also available are new and used Land Cruiser parts, Rockwell brake kits and lockers, and 4x4 accessories from most manufacturers. Information: Proffitt's Cruisers, 970/874-1272

Aussie 'Yota Bits
ARB is Australian for "all righty, Bob," which when translated means something similar to "Hey, Billy Bob, let's go wheeling!" This may be slightly untrue, but ARB does make some really stout parts for many different four-wheel-drive vehicles, but especially Toyotas. It seems that many of the blokes down under drive Toy trucks and Land Cruisers, and ARB manufactures and stocks many items, including ARB Air Locker locking differentials and Bull Bars, Old Man Emu (OME) shocks and suspensions, IPF high-performance lighting systems, and Safari snorkel systems, to name a few. ARB USA is the North and South American headquarters and distributor of accessories for your Toyota Land Cruiser, Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, pickup, or RAV4. Information: ARB USA, 888/427-2872,

Saweet 'Yota Parts
Cool Cruisers of Texas not only sells refurbished Land Cruisers, but also offers a variety of Land Cruiser components including this center console for FJ40s. This bolt-in console comes with a stereo den and cylinder lock. Made of strong 16-gauge steel, the lockbox includes many features such as a continuous steel hinge, a powdercoat finish, and a doublewide elbow pad for both driver and passenger. In addition, Cool Cruisers puts out one of the best Toyota calendars every year, with pictures of various models and body styles, as you can see from the photo above. Information: Cool Cruisers, 800/475-4181,

Glass 'Yota Skins
Boatec's Toyota Tacoma front fender and rear bedside extension adds 2 more inches of flare from the stock fender and bedside. These panels are a tame version of Boatec's race fender. The inner wheelwells attach to these fenders to give it a clean OEM look. Boatec offers a variety of fiberglass parts for '85-to-present Toyota trucks. Information: Boatec Inc., 920/833-7266,

'Yota Metal Burner
Mobile Welding & Power, the makers of Mobi-Arc welders, has just introduced some new underhood welders for Toyota pickup trucks with either electronic fuel injection or carbureted engines. These machines can use the stock alternator or be set up with a higher-output version. Then you can hit the trail with not only an onboard welder, but also a regulated and safe jump-starting option and a programmable DC power supply. Rumor has it that a Land Cruiser option is on its way. Information: Mobile Welding & Power Inc., 858/583-2146,

Creepy Crawler 'Yota
Inchworm Rock Walkin' Gear is a growing business that specializes in Toyota transfer cases and axles for mini-trucks. The company produces many of its own products, like the Inchworm double transfer-case adapter and electric locker control system. Inchworm also carries products from many other Toyota parts suppliers. Inchworm Rock Walkin' Gear can build you a complete assembly, do a complete install, or just set you up with the parts and info you need to do it yourself. Information: Inchworm Rock Walkin' Gear, 925/766-6555,

'Yota Up
Revtek Industries has four ways to make your late-model Toyota a bit more aggressive. Its suspension kits for Tacomas, Tundras, 4Runners, and Sequoias allow for larger tires and more ground clearance. With an emphasis on easy installation, stock ride quality, and affordability, these spacer kits allow for 21/2 or 3 inches of lift, depending on model. Information: Revtek Industries, 877/543-8869,

From 'Yota to 'Yota
TAP Recycling has new, used, and rebuilt Toyota parts and will ship them across the U.S. Whether you own a two- or four-wheel-drive pickup, 4Runner, or Land Cruiser, the folks at TAP just might have what you are looking for. Got a rusted bed? Give them a call. Dented fender? Drop them a line. Doing a solid-axle swap and need a solid axle? Or maybe you just lost your shift knob. Let them know what you want and they'll try to track it down. Information: TAP Recycling, 800/765-7100,

'Yotas Online is an online retailer that recognizes the popular off-roadability in Toyota FJ60 and FJ80 Land Cruisers. Its product lines include Toyota OEM parts, ARB, Old Man Emu, Tuffy, BDS Suspensions, Powertank, PIAA, and Mean Green as well as custom fabricated parts and accessories. A hot product is the Safari Gard bumper made specifically for the FJ60/62 shown above. This bumper is progressively designed to meet all your off-roading needs while increasing frontend clearance by several inches and allowing for an improved approach angle into steep grades. If you have a retired yuppie wagon that is ready for some serious trail fun, surf over to its Web site. Information:, 800/899-6003,

'Yota Conversions
Advance Adapters is proud to introduce the new Orion transfer case for '63-to-July '80 Toyota Land Cruisers. The design is based around a rugged cast-iron case housing to replace the failure-prone aluminum cases. The 4:1 gears are manufactured to the same high standards as the original gears but, of course, allow for lower crawling speeds. The kit consists of the main casting, the rebuild kit, all the drive gears, and the cluster shaft. Nonwear items such as the top cover and output-shaft housings will need to be transferred from the existing Toyota transfer case. In addition, Advance can supply everything from motor mounts to transmission and dual-case adapters for various Toyota vehicles. Information: Advance Adapters Inc., 800/350-2223,

Rocky Restored 'Yotas
Rocky Mountain Cruisers is dedicated to keeping the Land Cruiser legend alive. The company has been restoring and off-roading 'Cruisers in the Colorado Rockies with friends and family for 15 years. The owners have been in the restoration and mechanical field for more than 25 years and could be your connection if your 'Cruiser is getting a bit beat or you want to get it back to primo condition. If you're looking for parts, service, someone to restore your 'Cruiser, or a completed rig, then drop them a line. Information: Rocky Mountain Cruisers, 303/789-1614,

New School 'Yota Suspension
Fabtech Motorsports' new 6-inch Performance Suspension System for '95-'03 Toyota Tacomas features heavy-duty cast steering knuckles that attach to high-arched lower crossmembers, while extended-length coilover shocks provide 6 inches of lift. The factory coil springs are retained for a smooth highway ride with special shock valving for good off-road performance. Lower crossmembers feature heavy-duty rack-and-pinion relocation mounts with an integrated differential skidplate for off-road protection. Rear lift is accomplished with blocks and add-a-leaves. With a no-weld installation, this system allows use of 315/75R16 tires. Information: Fabtech Motorsports, 909/597-7800,

Canadian 'Yota Glass Skins
Another group of Canadians, Precision 4x4 Center is in its seventh year of business and has more than 125 custom fiberglass beds and tailgates built. With shipping all over North America, the products include custom hoods, half doors, and bobbed beds with tailgates for '79-'95 Toyota mini-trucks. Information: Precision 4x4 Center, 250/493-9473,

'Yotas Steered Straight
Sky Manufacturing has a number of products that can help you dial in your Toyota project, including high-steer kits and a new billet pitman arm. Many of its machined parts are built from 4140 chromoly, and all steering parts are CNC-machined 4140. The company's other Toyota products include U-bolt flip kits using 9/16-inch U-bolts front and rear, with special plates to fit the wide diff side of the front axle. Axle trusses for the front axle, disc-brake conversions, wide front-axle kits, transfer-case mounts, solid-axle kits, disc e-brake kits, and shock mounts and hoops front and rear are also available. Information: Sky Manufacturing, 541/736-3743,

Old School 'Yota supplier
Since 1970 Downey Off Road has been making and selling Toyota parts and accessories. The years of experience have put Downey in a position to supply Toyota owners with products to give their rigs the desired performance and personal look they want. Downey has everything imaginable for your Japanese rig, including suspension components, conversion parts, stock replacement bits, and remanufactured engines. So if you are thinking about putting fuel injection on your Land Cruiser, a lift on your mini-truck, or a skidplate on your Tacoma, check out the Downey catalog full of products and technical information. Information: Downey Off Road, 562/949-9494,

Northwest 'Yota Crew
Northwest Off-Road (NWOR) Specialties can upgrade Toyota owners with performance parts from bumper to bumper. Mini-trucks and 4Runners are its specialty, and its 150-page catalog carries nearly anything you would want to put yours a step ahead of the rest. Northwest's inventory includes such items as traction bars, high-performance fuel injectors, complete differential assemblies, Ford manual-transmission adapters, and Tacoma suspension systems. With nearly everything needed to get you on the trail in your Toyota, NWOR is a great place to start. Information: Northwest Off-Road Specialties, 360/676-1200,

'Yota Catalog of Parts
In 1964 Performance Products was started, and in 1990 the Toyota Division for Trucks and SUVs was introduced. As one of the world's largest retailers of parts and accessories for Toyota trucks and SUVs, Performance Products has a working relationship with its suppliers that allows it to co-develop exciting new products. This allows the company to produce an exclusive line of parts and accessories that perform, look, and last different from anything else on the market. Choose from its large selection of products such as chrome-plated stainless steel sidesteps and Bull Bars, floor liners, air-intake systems, adjustable front coilover shocks, urethane spoilers with driving lights, progressive-rate springs, stainless steel exhaust, and mesh grille inserts. Information: Performance Products, 800/553-2840,

Marlin Crawler is the home of the original go-slow Toyota. With adapter kits for multiple transfer cases, lower transfer-case gears down to 4.7:1, rebuild kits for '79-'02 Toyota truck transmissions, and steering arm, link, and joint upgrades, Marlin can fill in the beef and trim the fat that already comes on your stock truck. In order to upgrade your solid axles, the company can supply a set of its own Marfield Birfield joints to help your solid-axle Toy survive up to 35-inch tires. Let Marlin know you are ready to slow down and start crawling. Information: Marlin Crawler, 559/252-7295,


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