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After trying to build part of it in our garage while having enough room for decent pictures, we decided to go down to a welding shop we knew well, only a few miles away. We had already added 10-leaf National Spring spring packs weeks before to get them to stretch and settle a little bit under load. Hank Van Gaale and Chris Bishop of Imperial Muffler & Welding were helping us weld and fabricate at our house, and the shop was closed for the weekend, so we called owner Don Akman to get the OK to pull some late-nighters through the weekend. Once at the shop, we started in the rear because it was the easier end to do and we were working against the clock, since the shop would re-open Monday morning. We started by removing the front half of the original rear crossmember. We did this to make room for the addition of 21/2x1/4-inch square tubing as a rear upper shock mount. Van Gaale and Bishop cut and ground bridges to weld the new crossmember to the remaining part or the original one.