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4R100 Transmission Upgrade - Super Tranny

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David Kennedy
| Contributor
Posted October 25, 2004
Photographers: Jerrod Jones

Extreme-Duty Ford Upgrade

The Ford Power Stroke is an awesome engine. With the stock turbo and intercooler, these diesels make great power that should be more than enough for any 4x4. "Should be" are the key words. For many of you, too much power is just enough, but unfortunately your Super Duty's automatic transmission doesn't see things the same way.

After we added a larger turbo, propane injection, and high-performance computer tuning, and mounted the 46s on our F-250, the tranny was having a hard time keeping up. It was as if the engine had all the power in the world to give, but only about two thirds of it was getting to the tires. We needed a solution, and as we searched and researched all the rigs out there with built Power Strokes, we kept hearing about Brian's Truck Shop in Lead Hill, Arkansas. It turns out Brian's upgrades for the Ford E4OD and 4R100 transmissions are legendary, and when we told owner Brian Thompson about our truck he said, "No problem."

"But what if we want to run 46-inch tires?" we asked. He simply said, "With this transmission, it won't matter what size tires you run. When the transmission goes to shift there is so much more clutch material compared to the stock setup that the transmission can't slip." At $3,200, this kind of heavy-duty upgrade is not for the light-wallet wheelers out there, but it is the ultimate transmission for any Power Stroke truck.


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