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Rear Corner No Rear Wheels

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On the base you will probably find trucks in various states of disrepair. Be sure to ask the site manager which trucks are for auction and what the auction and lot numbers are so you are sure to inspect the right trucks. You may find that the truck's engine or body doesn't appear to be in great shape, but the axles or other parts may be new or in good condition. Though the vehicles are usually being sold for a reason, it is not often obvious, and sometimes they are just being replaced, and thus you can get a sweet deal on a lightly used truck. We found one truck with just 20,000 miles on it, but it looked like a few of those miles were when it fell from a plane, while another truck had 40,000 miles and it looked like it had been driven by a little old chaplain to church once a week. Guess which one we bid on?