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131 0403 Jeep 03 Z

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We placed the throttle body on top of a Turbo City throttle-body spacer. Turbo City's T.B. spacer is not as tall as others we have seen, but still does a good job of letting the air have more time to swirl into the intake ports. Turbo City makes its spacer shorter to give the owner the choice of stacking the spacers or to leave only one on if clearances are an issue. On our Jeep, there is very little room between the hood and the Rock-It air tube we're putting on. Four bolts are all it takes to remove the stock throttle body and replace it with Turbo City's T.B. spacer and throttle body. Make sure to adjust the tranny's kickdown linkage for the new throttle body. This can be done with the twist of the adjustment screw right next to the throttle body.