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6 Inches for a Fullsize Dodge HD

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on November 8, 2004 Comment (0)
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The new Dodge heavy-duty 3/4-ton and 1-ton 4x4s beg to be lifted--making them look more like adolescent Kenworths instead of baby big-rigs. Luckily, these trucks are relatively easy to raise, since Dodge has kept its pickups' suspension systems comparatively simple. Big-rig-style Dodge trucks have seduced formerly loyal Ford and Chevy owners since 1994, and Superlift is one aftermarket suspension company that's devoted considerable attention to lifting these Dodges, making these coil-spring kits some of the company's bestsellers.

Superlift uses the same basic approach for its 2-, 4-, and 6-inch systems for Dodge HDs: longer-than-stock front coils, extended bumpstops, rear blocks, and four shocks. The two taller kits add trailing arms, a dropped pitman arm, extended swaybar links, and a track-bar lowering bracket. The 6-inch kit adds an e-brake cable-lowering bracket. Unique Superlift features include the extended factory-style sway-bar links (as opposed to bar drop-down brackets) and rear bumpstop spacers. We decided to install a 6-inch kit on a new Ram to clear some 37s, and check out how well it worked.Beyond the basic kit, we also installed a few of the upgraded options.

First and foremost are Rockrunner link arms. These units swivel internally to provide greater articulation than arms that have Heim joints. Taking it a step further, we installed Superlift's multishock system with triple front Bilstein 5150 shocks and dual rears. Individual shock valving is softer on each shock for a stocklike road ride, while providing greater off-road performance and control. Our final upgrade was Superlift's dual steering-stabilizer kit. Its flamed-logo-emblazoned center-mounting bracket flaunts Superlift's CNC laser-cutting capabilities.

Superlift recommends that a professional mechanic install this system. However, an experienced home mechanic can likely do the job; Some of the major steps are shown here. Josh Reasoner at Robby Gordon Off Road rampaged through the deed in a full day (not including professional alignment following the job). This 6-inch-taller '03 Ram 2500 still has its factory-bred road manners, but is now able to get much more rambunctious in the dirt.

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Superlift Suspension Systems
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