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Jeep TJ Wrangler - Lift Kit - Long & Low

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on November 10, 2004 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Rick Péwé

As great as the Jeep TJ performs in stock form, it can always be made better with some trick aftermarket suspension pieces. Increases in travel, control, and comfort can easily be had, but generally at the expense of raising the center of gravity. While suspension kits for the TJ aren't new, this LCG kit from Teraflex is worth the wait.

The term LCG stands for low center of gravity, and the concept is to increase the performance of the TJ's suspension while not raising the vehicle as much as previous designs. The kit consists of much longer control arms in addition to new coils and shocks, and the associated brackets that need to be welded on. While this isn't a backyard install, the final product is well worth it in terms of travel, control, and ride.

We tagged along as Mark Falkner of Teraflex installed one of the first prototype kits on a TJ at the Off Road Warehouse in San Diego, and then we went and wheeled the wee out of it. Although we encountered a few glitches on this early prototype kit, we went back and watched Rand Ridges of Teraflex install the production model. We like being on the cutting edge of the industry, which is why we checked out Tera's LCG long before regular production was begun. Check out how the install went, and look forward to more innovative products from guys who drive and wheel their own products, not just make them and sell them.

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Off Road Warehouse
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Tera Mfg.


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