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New steering kit for your Jeep

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David Kennedy
| Contributor
Posted October 1, 2001

What if Something in Your Linkage Broke and You Lost all Directional Control? Here's How to Prevent That

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  • The Curries know how to break Jeeps. They torture their Fire Ant TJ in ARCA rockcrawling competitions and pound on a yellow Cherokee in JeepSpeed desert racing. They know what parts break and how to build new stuff to make it stronger. Their new steering kit was created because they kept snapping the stock drag link where the threaded rod enters the adjuster.

  • The Currie steering shafts are stronger because they use 1 1/4-inch chrome-moly tubing and beefier tie-rod ends to replace the 7/8-inch-diameter stock pieces. The stock rods hold up fine with 31s, but add a front locker and some 35s, and a driver can wreck stock steering faster than you can say, “Hello, parts department?”

  • The factory drag link is bowed to clear the lower spring bucket and sway bar mount. The new Currie arm is also bent to give additional clearance in this area because they found the stock rod would hit the axle when the suspension is crossed up.

  • The beauty of this kit is the fact that it works on Cherokees, TJs, and ZJ Grand Cherokees. The tie rod and drag link bolt on just like the stock parts do, so it’s a super-easy upgrade. The kit comes with all new tie-rod ends, adjusters, and rods to replace your original equipment that was probably all loose anyway. Here you can see the kit being installed on their Cherokee built for desert racing.

  • Currie eliminates the hole in the drag link that the factory steering stabilizer mounts to. Instead the Currie kit uses a clamp-on style mount that lets you retain this feature without weakening the stock shaft.

Quick, take your hands off the steering wheel and try to drive even 10 feet down your favorite trail using just the throttle (clutch) and brakes. No, you can’t use your knees to turn the steering wheel either! Bet you can’t do it. Shoot, you’d be lucky to make it down your driveway if you couldn’t use the steering wheel to aim your rig.

Now imagine you weren’t just engaging in an exercise. Think how it would be if something in your steering linkage broke and you lost all directional control of your rig. If it happened on the trail it would be downright scary. If it happened on the ride home at 65 mph…well, we won’t even think those kind of thoughts.

Here at 4-Wheel & Off-Road we’re always looking for new products that will add function, safety, and off-road worthiness to your 4x4. (Please, no thanks necessary—just doing our jobs.) So when we were hanging out at Currie Enterprises in Anaheim, California—drooling over some incredible axle assemblies—we noticed some beefy steering linkages under Currie’s competition vehicles, and we thought it would the perfect thing for the Jeep junkies out there. Currie assured us they had broken just about everything that could be broken on a Jeep, and that this new steering kit would make a great addition to any XJ, ZJ, or TJ out on the trail. We would have to agree, so we shot a few photos and asked a few questions as they installed the new steering setup on their in-house go-fast truck.


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