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March 2006 Whoops! - Mud Stuck Off Road Truck Photos

Posted in Whoops on March 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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March 2006 Whoops! - Mud Stuck Off Road Truck Photos

Submission InformationSend us your wheeling foul-ups! Letters must be signed by the vehicle's owner. Due to the large volume of mail we receive, we regret that not all submissions can be used and none will be returned. Digital photos must measure no less than 1600 x 1200 pixels (or two megapixels) and be saved as a TIFF, an EPS, or a maximum-quality JPEG file.

Write to:
Whoops!, 4-Wheel & Off-Road
6420 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048-5515
fax 323.782.2704

E-mail to:

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Late Lunch Date
While working out in the oilfield, I thought I might try and bypass the frac crew. Little did I know that a pipeline had been planted the previous day.... Many thanks to the Halliburton crew and their 18-wheelers; they got me out and on my way to lunch!
John Sukey
via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0603 03 z+whoops+dodge

Trust Your Gut
I listened to my roommate and took a trail that supposedly led to the beach...and this is what happened. It took more than five hours to get extracted. First the park service used a front loader (which got stuck before it even got close enough to yank us), next was the neighborhood construction company with a road grader, but they couldn't pull out the loader. The construction crew went back and got a scraper and yanked both me and the park service front loader out. Thanks a bunch to the park service and the construction crew--they didn't charge me a cent, and all I had to give them was a couple cases of beer.
Tim Jensen
Salt Lake City, UT

131 0603 01 z+whoops+rail

Stuck and Happy About It
Here is Ed's rail stuck in the mud on a 4th of July get-together we had.The Rabeys
Hoquian, WA

131 0603 04 z+whoops+h2

Another Sighting
Don't see this very often.
Allen Gallagher
Ocean Isle Beach, NC

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