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Ultra Whoops!

Posted April 1, 2006

You keep wrecking, sinking, & rolling them & we'll keep pointing & laughing

For those of you out there who say, "I think I can do it...," "Just a little farther," or "It doesn't look that deep...," this section is dedicated to you.

Good luck on the trail, and remember not to think twice: It doesn't make for as good of pics....

Sleepy toy
Tech Editor Fred Williams caught this early '80s straight-axle Toyota taking a nap in the woods during the 2005 annual Memorial Day Total Off Road Rally put on by the Minnesota Go-4 Wheeelers at the Trollhaugen ski area outside Dresser, Wisconsin.

Azusa Ugly
Everything was great until my friend made a final pass in the deep mud. I guess 500 hp got him an extra 150 yards from everyone, making it much harder for the three trucks and 300 feet of straps to get him out.
Charlie Mares, Azusa Canyon, CA

Second Guess
This is the second vehicle I've owned that this hole has swallowed up. It took 11 hours, eight guys, two winches, and 100 feet of chain to pull me out of this one. Maybe the third time's the charm....
Justin Chohrach, Wainwright, AK

Mud Whomper
After the road crews cleared some scrub back from the two-lane to widen it, Mother Nature decided to give them a little break. Some saw this as an opportunity to test the company's new dozer. After an hour and a half of digging, they pulled it out with a frontend loader. There have been a few more mud pits there, but no more stuck dozers.
Phillip Hooker, Summerfield, FL

After a successful day on the trail, one donut later on the logging trail and on the lid it went.
Jack Lefebvr, Victoria, British Columbia

It Was A nice Ride
I was turning in the parking lot when the throttle stuck wide open. The next thing I knew my 49-inch Iroks were in the air and I was underneath.
Dave Bertrand, Powell River, British Columbia

Almost Up & Over
Lockers at both ends don't do any good when you're high-centered.
Gavin Richards, Ontario, Canada

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