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August 2006 Whoops! - Off Road Truck Rollover Accidents & Mud Stuck Photos

Posted in Whoops on August 1, 2006
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Don't Wheel Solo
I hadn't even made my first payment when my girlfriend, son, and I took a little 4x4 trip through the South Mountains of Pennsylvania. We came to this frozen water hole that didn't look very deep even if we broke through the top, so we kept going. We made it about halfway through the hole when the ice gave way, and introduced us to 2 1/2-feet of water. My foglight ripped off, my girlfriend and kid were freaked, and we were stuck.
After trying almost everything, a friend showed up two hours later and pulled me out. It was pretty easy to go through once all the ice was busted. I think I'll try again in spring.
Kevin Scavitti
McSherrystown, PA

He's Got Moxy
I was loading a boulder onto this MOXY my uncle was driving when he took off for his dump run. I guess he really wanted a coffee break, and proceeded to earn himself one with this maneuver. We unloaded the rock, tipped the MOXY back up onto its wheels, and finished the day.
Craig Flitcroft
Coquille, OR

Here's a high-centered Humvee. It was a sunny day on a 12-mph road that had no turns. We're not actually sure how this incident occurred, but it proves that a concrete barrier will stop a Humvee.
Sfc. Middleton
2-128 INF BN, Camp Buehring, Kuwait

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