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April 2007 All-Out 4x4 Whoops!

Front View River
Posted April 1, 2007

Send us your 4x4 truck Whoops!

Oh my, you've been a troubled bunch this past year. We might have received some of our very best photos ever in the last several months. It seems that complete lack of forethought is ruling supreme, and we are so very proud of you! Now get back out there and get yourself as stuck as you can (after you finish reading the mag, of course). We need more Whoops photos! E-mail them to us at


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A buddy and I were sliding around the water hole at Silver Lake Sand Dunes in his 2WD Chevy when he decided to detour into the middle of the hole. He got stuck in some ruts and spun himself deeper, until the carb took in water and killed the motor. That gave us a chance to talk to him and ask why it wasn't 4WD again (ha ha). An FJ40 attempted a pull, a Hummer tried as well, but it was a week-old stock V-10 Super Duty that was able to free him up. After a complete flushing, the Chevy still lives to this day.
Edward Knight, via


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