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October 2007 Best Whoops! Ever - Part 2

Posted in Whoops on October 1, 2007
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Contributors: Tori Tellem

Part 2 of the Craziest Four-Wheeling Ever!In the September issue, we tackled round one of the special tribute to our favorite reader Whoops! from the past 30 years. Let's just say there have been a lot of foul-ups in the past three decades. Narrowing them down was no easy task, as you people did some fairly interesting "wheeling"-and seemed pretty proud to show both us and the world your not-so-finest moments. Plus, we're not even talking about spontaneous transmission shifting, acts of Mother Nature, "next thing I knew," or the random flame.

Best Whoops! of All Time, Part 1, featured the first 15 years, so as you'd guess from our catchy title, here you'll find Whoops! the Next 15 Years. Thankfully, this section of the magazine keeps improving with age-as do your predicaments!

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Before and After
We tried to out-jump some dirt bikes...and we did! Too bad we overshot the landing by 52 feet, snapping the front axletube and rolling the truck over when we landed.
Geoff Barnes, Mapleton, UT, Oct. '05

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Diamond Scars are Forever
This Whoops! took place in Gilmer, Texas, on a four-diamond-rated trail. Next time I'll leave the hardtop at home.
Kyle Eddy, Houston, TX, Apr. '03

But was the Dog OK?
This is the short version of a long story: A routine Sunday-afternoon ride, a '72 Scout, an '87 Nissan. Some quicksand, a broken axle, a flash flood, and a 15-mile walk. A Mack truck with a 30-ton winch, several support vehicles, and a flatbed trailer. Five long days of pumping water and digging sand. The Scout is back in action, but we don't know whether the Nissan will live.
J.F. Marshall & Joe Larson, Moab, UT, Sept. '98

Big Gulp
My friend David and I were on our way to a pond in my '77 Blazer. There is no direct road leading to it, so we had to trample through 7-foot-tall Johnson grass. We ended up in a big ravine that swallowed us whole!
Sid Mendenhall, Apache, OK, Dec. '95

Anyone for Bridge?
My ex-father-in-law and I went to my favorite fishing spot for my birthday. I parked my truck on the bridge like I usually do. We were standing beside the truck when the bridge collapsed. Fortunately, we only had scrapes and bruises and the truck had minor dings and scratches. A tow truck with a boom hoisted the truck from the 20-foot-deep hole.
Rod McBride, Colfax, CA, Sept. '96

Flattie Foul-Up
I managed to roll my '48 Willys into a stream that was more like a small pond. It took a shovel, a tow strap that broke, a Hi-Lift jack, and my friend's '79 Scout II to get my Jeep back over. After I changed the oil and put a hole in the exhaust to drain out the water, the Willys was ready for the 45-mile ride home.
Andy Estrada, address withheld, Dec. '97

Pyro Bronco
My friends and I were on Interstate 5 just north of San Diego when we saw this burning Bronco on the shoulder. We could only guess what happened.
Spencer Esch, Fairplay, CO, Apr. '96

Cue the Circus Music
A friend of mine took his two trucks, a '76 Ford and an '85 Chevy, one night to play and buried them both. He called me to come and pull him out, and I sank my '91 F-150 despite 7 inches of lift. At the high point of the night, there were a total of six stuck trucks. We had to get a skidder to get these out, but we buried it too. We used a bulldozer to get the skidder out. The two Fords were able to drive home with minor water damage, but the Chevy's motor gave out and took a ride home with the skidder behind a Peterbilt.
Ric Crawford, Thompson, GA, Jan. '01

Maiden Voyage
This was my '92 Ranger's first trip on the trail. It has a 4-inch Superlift suspension, a 3-inch body lift and 33x14.50-15 Mickey Thompsons. I was climbing a hill and I didn't see the large washout in front of me. It took $7,000 and a month of frame and bodywork to fix my truck. Now I just stick to mud.
Scott Cross, Orlando, FL, May '96

Flipped Out
Who: Rob Wachs
Where: Bunola, PA
What: Scout II
Why: Showin' off for the ladies
Possum: In a purely defensive move, the modified Scout will play dead until the stock aggressor retreats.
Apr. '01

Yes, it Could
After a long day on the 4x4 trails near Bridger, Montana, I decided that a little water couldn't hurt. But it turned into a big problem. The sandy river bottom refused to release my '79 Bronco and quickly drowned its 429 engine. After 2 days, several tow ropes and a lot of sweat, my thoroughly marinated Bronco was retrieved.
Brandon Gjude, Billings, MT, May '95

We Bet it Did
The rather large truck was coming downhill and lost control, went into a full skid and then slammed me against the bank, leaving me pinned and the Blazer crushed. It did hurt.
Billy C. Wade, Fall River Mills, CA, Mar. '95

Look Out Below!
I shot this sequence of my friends Chris and Louisa in their Jeep. They were attempting to climb one of the trickiest hills in California's Los Coyotes area, but encountered a slight mishap. No one was injured, thankfully, but the Jeep was a total loss.
Robert Trent, Buena Park, CA, Sept. '94

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Train Wreck-Literally
This was a real-life stall on the tracks. A lady was watching out for trains while the guys tried to start it. She began yelling when she saw the train, but they didn't believe her...until they heard the whistle. The only one injured was the Jeep.
Terri Bunch, Riverside, CA, Dec. '01

Everything half off
Here's the stuff that didn't make it after I rolled my '84 Toyota truck. My friends said it was cool. I said, "ouch."
Bill Trap, Northridge, CA, June '92

Mud Thud
Here is my friend's 4Runner after a slight loss of control in the mud.
Ross Garber and Greg, Bakersfield, CA, Oct. '06

Dune Doom
I had been tooling around Silver Lake, Michigan, for a while and was familiar with the Big Dune and what was after it. After four attempts, we got it, cresting nicely over the top into a small inline dune on the back. We hammered down to launch off, but didn't realize until it was too late that a dune buggy with paddles had stopped and made a 3-foot-deep trench at the top. We hit, the front end went up, and then the rear tried to pass us in the air. I gave it gas to try and pull it out, to no avail. Hanging upside down in your seat belt really sucks after getting hit in the head with everything you didn't tie down.
Brett Fagerness, Kalamazoo, MI, Apr. '05

Nice Butt, Jerry
This happened on my annual Memorial Day trip to Basse Falls, California. It didn't take any fancy equipment to roll my Toyota back over-just a few big guys. My truck survived with only minor body damage to the driver-side door.
Jerry Stratton, Sacramento, CA, Feb. '97

Worse Than Any
There are deeper mud holes and higher water, but it seems that this truck is stuck worse than any I have seen, since this is its last run through the mud. As my son and I were driving my 4x4 through a muddy ORV area, we came upon this late-model Dodge. We concluded that there is no worse fate for a 4x4 than to be stuck in the mud and then burned, shot up and abandoned!
Jon Crocker, Jonesboro, GA, Aug. '95

Nice Legs, Tim
I should've gone straight through the ruts instead of avoiding them. But when I tried my motto, "When in doubt, gas 'er out," my '94 Suzuki Sidekick launched like a humpback whale and landed like one, too.
Tim Maron, North Bend, WA, Sept. '97

Who: Chuck Patton
Where: Ash Fork, AZ
What: Jeep Cherokee Hang Glider
Why: No better way to transport Grandma's dishes.
Logic: "You mean you still have to stay awake with cruise control?"Apr. '01

Dare Ya
This used to be a road until Hurricane Erin hit Florida. I tried crossing it in my '72 Blazer on a dare from my friends. When I realized I was in trouble, I tried backing up, but the entire rear of the truck started to rise up and float away.

Frederick Smith, Pensacola, FL, Sept. '96

Fourth Time's the Charm
On the last Sierra Nevada trip with our Land Cruiser club, we experienced four deep water crossings. I removed the fan belt so the radiator wouldn't get damaged and forged the first three without a problem. The fourth river was about 4 feet deep, my engine went under midstream and the ignition turned off. My winch control cable floated away, but using a loaner, I was able to winch across and dry the Cruiser out. Our club will find a new place to cross the river next year.
Wayne Pocock, Rocklin, CA, Sept. '94

That's Hot
Who: Damien Aube
Where: Hinesburg, VT
What: Jeep Cherokee Hot Pocket
Why: The ranger said all campfires must be in a metal container above the ground.
Mel Torm: We've heard of chestnuts roasting and all, but come on.Apr. '01

Some Slide
My dad and I took the wrong road when we were four-wheeling in our '94 Ford crew cab. We started sliding down the hill and had to jump out the window. It took two tow trucks and cost $270 to get us out.
Joseph Sullivan, Sequim, WA, June '96

Scout a New Route
Who: Vince A. Marquez
Where: Las Vegas, NM
What: '63 Scout
Why: He wrote, "I have killed several Scouts trying to cross the Canadian River here in New Mexico. Does anybody have any tips?" How about take the bridge?
Dude, where's my car?: Genius. Sheer genius.
Apr. '01

Like a Stone
I usually drive a restored '43 GPW, but when visiting my mother-in-law's at Lake Almanor, California, I used her '76 CJ-5. I had just returned from gassing up for an excursion when, while talking to my wife and her mother, we saw her Jeep roll past the side of the house, down the back lawn, through a split-rail fence, and jump over several huge rocks, only to land in the lake and sink. With help from a tow truck, we recovered the Jeep in a few hours. There was little damage. After draining all fluids, including eight gallons of water from the engine, and replacing a front leaf spring and shock, we were back on the road. I guess my mother-in-law will think twice before having me gas the Jeep again.
Just K. Willis, Fremont, CA, Feb.'94

Fired Right Up
The whole thing started when we went camping by the junction of two rivers. I went driving along the beach, but ended up getting stuck in the mud and sand up to my nerf bars. We tried unsuccessfully to get out, and decided to have breakfast and try again later. When we returned, we found around 3/4 of the windshield still visible. We pulled her out and she started! She's running great again to everyone's surprise, and I'd just like to send a big thank you to Toyota!
Brian Preston, British Columbia, Canada, May '03

Hot Truck
I was helping a friend winch a vehicle out of his creek when the exhaust on my '72 Jimmy set the dry grass on fire. The truck was a total loss and is still on my friend's property. I did save the winch and one off-road light.
Robert A. Pemberton, Oklahoma City, OK, Nov. '97

This is my totally submerged Jeep CJ-5 in a farm stock tank. This is what happens when you let a girlfriend drive! [Oh sure, blame it on your girlfriend.-Ed.]
Dustin Acklen, San Antonio, TX, Apr. '03

Married Life
Never let your new father-in-law drive your vehicle.
Frank Cortese, Pueblo, CO, Sept. '04

Save the Children
I promised my wife I wouldn't come home muddy or wet. This was the second time I took my '90 Wrangler 'wheeling after I installed a 6-inch lift and 33x12.50-15 BFGs. My 5-year-old son and I were heading down the lake to a section called Rattle Snake Bar. I was taking my time and driving slowly when this happened.
Michael Golder, Sacramento, CA, Dec. '96

UFO Kidnapping
Chuck Pisik's F-350 was last seen foraging for food in the pastures near his home in Syracuse, New York. Three days later it turned up in a field miles away, dazed and in a supine position. We're not sure just how it got there.
Tom Lauber, Syracuse, NY, Sept. '94

Earth Swallows Jeep, Film at 11
My buddies and I were trail riding in Camp Pendleton after a big rain when, all of a sudden, the ground swallowed our Jeep. The road just gave way. It took a dragon wagon with a boom unit to get us out.
Mike Harris, Rose City, MI, Sept. '00

My friend and I were running Billings Canyon Trail in Grand Junction, Colorado, when we broke an axleshaft. As we were limping home, we tripped and fell end over end. As my friend Jeramie screamed like a little girl, the Krispy Kremes and the Hi-Lift went airborne. After ratchet-strapping the radiator back away from the fan blades, we drove the rest of the way down, blowing a tire bead only three more times.
Brian Cook, Grand Junction, CO, Sept. '05

I was trying to balance my Scout on two tires but found that the front was much heavier than the rear. Luckily only minor damage was suffered. I quickly realized I really need to design brackets to bolt down everything inside the truck.
Sean Lipscomb, Tulsa, OK, Mar. '98

Oops Whoops
A friend and I were running the bowls at Oceano Dunes but didn't know we'd both gone into the same one. We hit the brakes, but as you can see, there wasn't enough time to keep from hitting each other head on. We were only going a few mph, so the impact was slight. However, the angle of the dune was very steep, causing us both to roll. With a little mechanical work, we were able to drive both Jeeps back to camp.
Paul Martin, Santa Rosa, CA, Oct. '98

Slip Sliding Away
My friend kept bragging about how his new Jimmy had much better traction than my old Jeep CJ-7. Two weeks after he purchased it, the towing package was installed and we trailered our Wave Runners to the ocean. The launch ramp is always covered with a layer of slippery algae, so four-wheel drive is a must. As the photos depict, my friend's theory about my old Jeep just didn't hold water.
Cary Reichbach, Boca Raton, FL, Dec. '94

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Tastes Like Burning
My dad and I were going to the back side of our place to go shooting when he said, "I smell gas."
I replied, "We'll take a look at it when we get back to the house." Moral of the story: Always listen to Dad.
Toby Roderick, Ignacio, CO, Oct. '07

Cliff Notes
The sun was glaring off my windshield, making it impossible to see. Instead of getting out to see ahead of me, I inched forward ever so slowly. The next thing I knew, I was rolling off an embankment. A cliff on the other side made getting out difficult, so a Suburban had to drag my Bronco about 20 feet on its roof!
Harold Ray Ashcraft Jr., Fort Worth, TX, Nov. '99

Stout Tank
This Chevy truck was hit by a train. No one was hurt, but the truck didn't have a straight panel on it. Even the engine block and tranny weren't any good. But the gas tank was fine-you can see it dragging on the ground as I towed the truck away.
Randy Schultz, Whitemouth, Manitoba, Canada, Aug. '95

Hooray for Duct Tape
Too much throttle, not enough road. Now I know that Fords really are "Built Ford Tough." After a quart of oil and a little bit of duct tape, our '76 Bronco was back on the road.
Tom Jacoby, Oakdale, MN, Mar. '94

How's the Ice Fishing?
While plowing snow off our pond, I drove over a little too far and the front end of my '78 Ford F-150 fell through the ice. It stayed there overnight until I could get a semi wrecker to pull it out.
Dennis Hoyer, West Branch, MI, Oct. '97

This Time, the Coyote Wins
We were trying to get to a field to track some coyote. We didn't get very far. After an hour of scooping snow by hand, we were able to drive home.
Jedd Jensen, Exira, IA, Sept. '96

Going Great Until...
We were successfully four-wheeling in our '93 Wrangler until this little mishap. Luckily, my brother-in-law was following us, and we had the Jeep out and running a few hours later.
Keith Dixon, Kingsland, GA, July '96

Not Quite Anything, Eh?
I'm from Michigan, and my brother lives in New Brunswick, Canada. He kept telling me that his truck could drive through anything, so I went up to Canada so he could show me. We drove all through the backwoods until we came across this pond that he said he'd been through before. Well, all we found out was that his stereo doesn't work well under water. We walked several miles for help and had a logging skidder pull us out. It was 19 degrees that day, and the driver had to break down the dam so we could get to the rear bumper to hook up the tow cable.
Darryl Hanscom, Detroit, June '94

Freeze Frame
We were out four-wheeling in Moab when our friend came down White Knuckle Hill a little too fast in his Toyota Land Cruiser. Amazingly, rather than rolling he just came to a sudden stop. A quick tug with a tow strap got him on his way.
Jennifer Brown, Salt Lake City, UT, July '99

Who Has the Tow Hook?
I've tried to get through this mud bog twice. The first shot was with my bone-stock Wrangler on street tires. The second time, the Jeep had been modified with a lift kit and 33-inch Dick Cepek tires. Wrong again. I got about 5 feet farther than the first attempt, but at least this time the engine didn't drown. My biggest problem was that I didn't tell my buddies that the tow hooks were mounted on the bottom of the bumper.
Dave Levine, Roslyn, NY, Sept. '94

Right Tire is Wrong
After tugging at the front to no avail, we hooked to the rear and this is what we discovered: While pulling forward, we had wedged a log above the right tire. Each pull put more pressure on the ball joints until they gave out. We ended up pulling the Jeep out and loading it onto a tow dolly for the rest of the weekend.
Miles Brown, Fargo, ND, Apr. '95

Look Right
We were out on a trail looking on our left-hand side for deer and elk. We ended up in a wash that was on our right-hand side. It took a Hi-Lift jack and a lot of rock-stacking to get our '82 Ford F-250 unstuck.
Terry Gasser, American Fork, UT, June '96

Low-Mileage Unit
For sale: '85 CJ-7 Sub., A/C, recently cleaned interior, spotless paint, low highway miles.
Greg Aud, Little Rock, AR, Sept. '94

Between a Rock and a Stuck Place
Here is my Whoops! submission taken at Moonrocks, Nevada. Obviously I didn't make it.
John Buzzell, Reno, NV, May '03

For Sale: $500 Truck for $575
This is my '75 Ford F-250. As you can see, I made a mistake, but no one was hurt. I had it rolled back over, poured 3 liters of oil in, kicked the roof back into position, and fired it right up. It cost me $550 to roll it back over and $25 for a no-windshield ticket on the way home. Considering the truck cost me $500, this was an expensive day.
Ed Loo, Calgary, Alta, Canada, Dec. '98

Overdoing It
I took my eyes off the road and swerved, then overcorrected and rolled my '82 Toyota pickup four or five times. If it wasn't for my seatbelt and the Downey interior bar, I wouldn't be here. I only needed four stitches on my forehead. But I don't think I'll get the Toy running again.
Virgil Hollins, Mohsue Valley, AZ, Sept. '96

The ice was 3 to 4 feet thick on Walsh Lake. As I went to cross over from Walsh to Banting Lake, the ice gave way. In an instant my brand-new '03 Jeep Liberty Renegade was a write-off. The first tow truck I called out couldn't get my Jeep out. Another guy got it out two days later, but it was pretty frozen by then because it was 30 degrees below zero. The vehicle was a giant ice cube up to the steering wheel and the ice around the outside had damaged the body on all sides.
Dane Gibson, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, Sept. '03

A Pine in the Ass
I woke up one morning to this sight. "Don't look!" was my boyfriend's response when he discovered a 20-foot section of a pine tree had fallen on my '98 Sonoma Highlander. Needless to say, I was late for work that morning.
Pam Millard, Lead, South Dakota, Oct. '00

Dive, Dive
We were out mud riding at a place called Lockhead when our '83 Chevy ended up swimming in rushing water. It ended up submerged, and four days later we finally located it. It took two more days of digging and winching to get the truck out.
Adam & Paige Babb, Cumming, GA, Mar. '96

Hummer Eater
There's a place in Germany that can swallow Hummers whole. It's called Hohenfels and is where a friend's Hummer-with the help of an inexperienced driver-was eaten by a monster hole. The same driver attempted to restart the vehicle and succeeded in sucking water into the intake and eventually the cylinders. Two more Hummers, one winch and several hours later it was out of the hole, but miles from nowhere with a blown engine. I enjoy your magazine and I love Hummers. In the hands of a capable driver, they're unstoppable.
Bruce Kocher, Columbus, GA, Jan. '95

Invisible Rock
Don't let this happen to you! We were on the Rubicon Trail and I didn't see the 3-foot rock. Since we were wearing our seatbelts all we had to do was crawl out. Nobody was injured except for my pride and the truck's body. We were able to push it over and continue down the trail.
Jason Salvatierra, Sacramento, CA, Mar. '95

Built GM Tough
I was the assistant driver of this M998 when it rolled onto its top during a night maneuver here in Okinawa. Once the sun came up, we used a 5-ton tow truck to pull the vehicle out. All four occupants would like to thank GM for the rollbar and the sturdy craftsmanship.
Lance Cpl. Daryl G. Scott, Okinawa, Apr. '98

How to Impress the Ladies
I had purchased this WWII '46 Dodge personnel carrier with a flathead six-cylinder and had just replaced the clutch when I took my girlfriend out for a ride. I was eager to show her what the six-by could do and was bragging that the tough old truck could never get stuck. It took a power wagon and a deuce and a half to free the Dodge. Talk about some mean mud!
Pat Sutalo, Santa Ysabel, CA, Sept. '98

So Close
We tried to make it through the edge of this pond in my '83 Chevy K-10. We were almost out when we hit the slick mud, and there was nowhere to go but in. A friend pulled my truck out with his old Dodge in about two minutes.
Sean Barker, Ponca City, OK, Dec. '97

Your Slip is Showing
I went hunting one day, and slid off the slippery trail. My '88 GMC Jimmy turned upside down as it rolled into a deep ravine. Luckily, everyone in the truck got out safely. After being pulled out by a forest tractor and adding more oil, I was able to drive the 100 miles back home.
Cristi Morariu, Bucharest,
Romania, Apr. '00

I Spy...a Headlight
This is what happens when you don't block your wheels when parked on a hill beside a lake. It took one winch, a 3-ton chain hoist, a little bit of elbow grease, and two hours to get it out. I had her running two days later.
Mark Stuart, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, Apr. '07

Say No More
Four men and a twist of the key and off we went.
Brian Lee, Springfield, IL, Sept. '94

I tried to climb a gravel pile with my Scout, flipped over backwards, and slid back down on my roof. We used a winch to upright it and towed it back to camp. That night I started it up and it drove right onto the trailer.
Mark Van Dusen, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May '05

Back to Cars
Bottom line: I tried a short-cut. After that didn't work, I climbed out of my '91 Ford and went for a tow rope and another truck, but while I was gone, a passer-by tried to help. The well-meaning Samaritan apparently knew nothing about vehicle recovery, because my Ford had been dragged into an even deeper part of the river. I got my rig out, but I also got a repair bill in the $750 range. Eleven days later, I rolled the truck into a ditch while 'wheeling. I'm sticking to cars now.
Kim McKinnon, Sept. '94

I was hauling five large bales of hay on a trailer behind my Chevy 4x4 in some rugged terrain when I had to come to a stop on a very steep ridge. The truck jumped out of gear and went down the ridge. It destroyed the truck and trailer. Luckily, I was out of the truck when it decided to jump out of gear.
Steve Coffey, Thornhill, TN, May '99

Hummers Really Do Grow on Trees
I was driving a Hummer when this tank ditch appeared before me. Thinking it was small, I attempted to drive across, but the Hummer quickly began to sink. We grabbed a log and put it through the door and out the turret hatch to keep it from sinking. A 2 1/2-ton truck almost sank pulling it out.
Stacy Edgin, El Paso, TX, May '99

That Sinking Feeling
A good buddy and I were out enjoying a day of four-wheeling. We thought this puddle was just a spring runoff. To our surprise it wasn't, and as a result I sank my '93 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 into a 35-foot dugout. Good thing the window was down so we could at least escape.
Byron Duckett, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, Feb. '00

When Trees Attack
This is my '95 Dodge Ram, which was "Ram Tough," not "Oak Tree Tough." We had a major thunderstorm, and the sad part was that I had just added a 12,000-pound Warn winch and grilleguard (the only things I salvaged) and Rancho RS 9000 shocks. I just ordered another Dodge 2500 V-10 Quad Cab.
Owen Titus, Mooresville, NC, Apr. '99

Note to Aftermarket: Make 5-foot Lift Kit
This is my '89 Jeep Cherokee with a 3-inch lift and 30-inch mud tires. On the way to the local trails, I came across this little puddle that was actually 5 feet deep. It took a 9,000-pound Warn winch on a Toyota Tacoma to get me out. After a month, the seats were still a little damp.
Chris Garrett, Milford, OH, Dec. '98

The Ol' Trail Switcheroo
My friend and I hang out at this spot pretty often, but heavy rain changed the trail, which I didn't expect. I only took my eyes off the road for a second, and over it went. After 20 hard yanks my truck finally limped home.
David Wigent, Pomona, CA, Feb. '00

Still Waters Run, Well, You Know...
Believe it or not, this looked like just another puddle with a few logs across it. However, those logs must have been a bridge at one time-the little puddle turned out to be 4-foot deep. It took an International pickup and a Ford Bronco to get the Jeep out.
Adrian Herbst, Park Rapids, MN, Aug. '98

I was out testing the four-wheel-drive system on my boss's hunting vehicle, a '79 Jeep Wagoneer Limited, when I got too deep in the pond on the ranch. It took a tractor to finally remove the stuck Jeep. I don't think I'll be invited back!
Bart Zavaletta, Brownsville, TX, Oct. '99

White-Water 'Wheeling
My friend and I were doing a little four-wheeling and decided to cross this river, which we had crossed many times before but never during spring runoff. We made it across (barely), but were not as fortunate coming back.
Jason Peck, Logan, UT, July '98

Nice Afternoon for a Walk
This Sunday afternoon rollover netted us a 10-mile hike to the nearest ride. Some 10 hours later, the Jeep was upright and running. Check out the fresh paint and undercarriage.
Dave Brant Jr., Fruita, CO, Dec. '97

Daktari Flashback
This is Mike Marsh's '78 Ford Bronco in a deep rut in an old gravel pit in Robinson Township. This is where all of the locals and some out-of-towners go four-wheeling. Mike's back left tire is about a foot and a half off the ground. Of course, Mike was sure he could have made it all the way through. It took a bigger Chevy to pull him back out.
April Spicer, Coopersville, MI, Jan. '94

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