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April 2008 Best 4x4 Truck Whoops!

Jeep Cherokee Water
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted April 1, 2008

The Best Of The Worst!

It seems like every year we see less and less of your classic Whoops! is it because you are being more careful? or have you "masters of catastrophe" learned how to dodge the camera? Either way we're glad to see more of you wheeling responsibly, but boy do we ever love to see when you mess up. We all get stuck sooner or later; it's merely a case of whether or not you're willing to tell the world about your foul-ups. to congratulate those who proudly sent in their mistakes for the masses to see, we will be sending out license plates to the top 10 Whoops of 2007. Just a thank you for the joy we all get out of their 4x predicaments. Also, be sure to check out the proud men and woman of our U.S. military getting some of the biggest and baddest machines on earth demobilized in the terra firma from around the globe. And, as always, if you want to be part of the fun, simply send in your Whoops to

Something's Fishy
While wheeling in northern Pennsylvania, we came across this water crossing that the locals were going right through. i decided to keep a little to the left when my passenger side dropped underwater. After getting pulled out by my "local buddy," he told me there was a ford with 60-inch tractor tires tearing it up just a few days before.
Chris Bower Sox, via

Hard Lines
I had just finished working on my truck when i decided to head out for a little mountain wheeling in yigo, guam. Unfortunately i underestimated the mountain. i rolled my rig trying to follow the same lines that a few other rigs were doing-thinking that if they can do it, so can i. oh well, at least nobody got hurt.
Bob Hernandez via

Speed Bump
Just because your spotter says bump it, that doesn't mean you should hit it!
Joel Brown via

Boot Scoopin' Boogie
The 39.5-inch Boggers and a 125-shot of nitrous couldn't get me out of this Canadian muck.
Serge Goulet via

Canadian Cannonball
The water was definitely deeper than it looked from the other side!
Marcus Fritz, via

Simple Sink
Stuck again.
Phil Beeler via 4wheel

Close Call
I was driving down a canyon road when i hit a patch of black ice that caused my Blazer to go off the road and hit a tree, then slide sideways down into a huge rock. thankfully that rock was there, because if we had slid a few more feet we would have been upside down in an ice-covered river.
Jon Holdaway, via

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