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4x4 Military Trucks - Whoops!

Posted in Whoops on April 1, 2009 Comment (0)
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4x4 Military Trucks - Whoops!

Even with all the safety sensors and electronic nannies, we still manage to get our rigs in some pretty precarious situations. From flops to wet socks, we've compiled more than three dozen of your best blunders, stucks, and mega whoops! Think you've got a whoops! that can top what you see here? Send a high-res digital photo measuring at least 1600 by 1200 pixels (or 2 megapixels) along with your interesting story to whoops@4wheeloffroad.com. And those of you who still prefer the traditional way to mail, send us your prints and story to Whoops! at 4-Wheel & Off-Road, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

131 0904 02 z+whoops military trucks+army tank

Wrong Street
We were looking for a house in the middle of nowhere, but we found this mud hole instead.
SGT. James Filidei, via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 03 z+whoops military trucks+dradley tank

This is what happens when you're driving a Bradley in eastern Baghdad and the road collapses!
Michael McKeehan
via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 04 z+whoops military trucks+stuck tanks

My entire platoon except for one M1151 got stuck in this riverbed for several hours. Four broken 25,000-pound sling legs and many wet feet later, we were back to our mission.
Sgt. David Tuper, via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 05 z+whoops military trucks+hmmwv

No Radio
Here's what happens when you let a radio operator drive a HMMWV.
Nick Tarvin, via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 06 z+whoops military trucks+army vehicle rear

Pass With Care
After trying to make a pass on an Iraqi street, we sank into this nasty ditch on the side of the road. It took a few minutes working the wheel and spinning the tires, but we were able to drive ourselves out. Unfortunately the smell is still with the vehicle.
Stephen Forrester
via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 08 z+whoops military trucks+15 ton asv

ASV Deep
The top of the creekbed looked dry enough, but as soon as our 15-ton ASV went forward it sunk like the Titanic! Thankfully, we had our 10-ton wrecker with us and another ASV.
Nick Hyatt, via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 09 z+whoops military trucks+aavr7

While on a recon drive in southern Fallujah, a team got their HMMWV stuck. So we were called in with our AAVR-7 that popped them out without any issue.
Ssgt. Brian Galbreath
via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 10 z+whoops military trucks+army hummer mud

Root Canal
After five hours of sinking even further into the canal, we finally made it out. And the best part is the truck cranked right up the first time.
Pfc. Joshua Ayers
via 4wheeloffroad.com

131 0904 11 z+whoops military trucks+4x4 military vehicle

Hole No!
Now that's what I call a big hole!
Sgt. Marshall
via 4wheeloffroad.com

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