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April 2010 Whoops! Special

Posted in Whoops on April 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Rollcages, tow ropes, and winches were all made for a reason, and we have plenty of proof why everyone should have all three on his rig. From creek crossings gone wrong to sidehill mishaps, we've compiled some of the best of your worst Whoops!

Think you have a better off-road mishap and want to show the world? Send us a high-res digital photo at least 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (or 2 megapixels), along with your interesting story to Those of you who still prefer the traditional way, send us your prints and story to Whoops!, 4-Wheel & Off-Road, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245.

Miss Deep
When the Mississippi River floods the surrounding trails, it doesn't take long for the mud holes to become pretty deep!
David Ray Scruggs

Sand Wrangler
Stock JKs and big sand dunes don't always mix!
Name Withheld

Day's End
After a day of wheeling in Farmingdale South Dakota I rolled my Jeep on the drive home. We had to flip it end for end to get it out of the ravine!
David Alink

Head-On Highboy
On my way home from a four-wheeling trip at Johnson Valley, the left front tire blew out on my '74 F-250. What happened next was a head-on collision between my truck and an SUV. The California Highway Patrol estimated the speeds at the time of the collision to be 65-70 mph for the SUV (in a 55-mph zone) and around 10 mph for me.

This was after both vehicles slammed on the brakes. Though both my wife and I, along with the other vehicle, suffered quite a few broken bones, we all survived. Luckily we've all healed up and the CJ that I was towing survived the ordeal as well!
Christopher Poelstra

True Story
I had heard that this area was famous for its quicksand mud. Now I know why!
Josh Arias

Off Range
Every hunting trip needs to end with a little muddy-road four-wheeling!
Austin & Sean Roberts

Leave Levi
I just had to try one more mud hole before leaving!
Levi Richer

Chain Reaction
I was attempting to cross the stream when my Ford got stuck. My dad then proceeded to get his Land Rover stuck trying to pull me out. The Dodge Ram then got stuck once it hooked up to the Rover, and then we sunk the backhoe trying to rescue all of them! Eventually we got the backhoe out and used it to pull the rest of the sunken rigs out.
Nick Dibben

What was meant to be an easy day of wheeling turned into a long day of truck recovery.
Kory King

Ninja Nightmare
After working on the Samurai for months with friends we decided to take it out for a quick test run. Unfortunately the first outing turned out to be its last! We're not sure if it was the slick surface or a brake malfunction, but we ended up taking a nice tumble off the side of the hill. We made it out fine, but the poor Sammy was not long for this world.
Mike Nichols

A Real Cliffhanger
I thought I was getting ready to head down the same sandy slope I just drove up. I was way wrong! Thankfully the long and heavy Hummer high-centered on its skids and kept me front driving off the edge!
Austin Seidel

Cow Consoling
My brother and I took a drive out on the farm to check on a cow that had gotten stuck in the mud. It didn't take us long to relate to how she felt!
Justin Miller

Nose First
My copilot said it was just a puddle!
Aaron Lunde

I hit the brakes in a tight downhill turn, and the next thing I knew my Bronco was on its side!
Colby Diuguid

Good Call
After struggling to choose whether to link the rear suspension or build an exo-cage, I went with the cage since occupant safety is more important. I'm glad I did, as the following outing I put my '85 Toyota on its lid!
Ami Zimmerman

Back Pain
Always look carefully before backing up on the trail!
Ben Hudson

Bogging Days
There is nothing better than spending the day mudding with family and friends!
Ted McCoy

InLaws This is what happens when you let your nimrod brother-in-law get behind the wheel of your Jeep. It didn't take long for him to find the deepest and most foul-smelling mud hole in the entire Hogan's Offroad Park in Oklahoma.
Corey Anderson

Sandy Loafers
On a four-wheeling outing in Dubai we had a few luxo wheelers with us that were not afraid to push the plush 4-bys to their limits. In the end, the soft sand stuck everyone at least once.
Paul Wade

Idaho Snow-Cross
We had one heck of an Idaho winter and decided to drive from Mud Lake to Dubois all off road. We only got stuck twice, but the snow become especially deep for my '97 TJ once we got close to Dubois. Overall the Jeep did great considering it's only running 33x10.50 BFG M-Ts!
Jerry Mathews

Rear Removal
Shortly after driving five miles down a rocky wash in Arizona the rear axle U-bolts snapped clean off. This U-bolt disaster led to my entire rear axle being ripped from the vehicle, brake lines and all. After piecing a few miscellaneous parts and pieces together we limped the truck back to our tow rigs. Even with all the damage we were able to round up enough parts to fix it and get back on the trial in just a couple hours.
Shane McCarthy

Buried Bling
Even with 16 inches of lift, once the Michelins packed up with mud, we were done!
Greg Ramos

The Deep End
Though my husband was impressed by my courage to drive through the deep stuff, I think it's time for my own dedicated mud bogger!
Kat Jones

At least I know my truck floats!
Trent Marburger

Government Issue
Student Driver
During a driver training session in Sarder City, Iraq, we got this monster buried. We suggest trading in the 52-inch Michelins for Boggers, but so far no luck. We used a 30K Caterpillar loader to take care of the extraction.
Josh Wright

Mud Light
Except for the occasional IED, Afghanistan is a virtual off-roader's paradise. Although I would suggest bringing something a little lighter for the mud!
SPC Bealer

Rain Delay
After a heavy rain in Southeast Baghdad the squad went out on patrol and ended up in this filled-in canal! Not a good day, to say the least.
SRA Sean Jenkins

War Wheeling
With the MRAP weighing in at over 35,000 pounds, it's not exactly built for the mud. We belong to the 2nd Platoon Attack Company 1/32 Infantry and are currently deployed in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. If the whole "war" thing wasn't going on, this would be a great place to wheel, especially if you're into rockcrawling.
Rick Hebert

Bridge Under Water
After a severe rain and flash flood took out a small bridge, the Marines of the 8th ESB and EMP attempted to try and fix the damaged crossing. It didn't take long before a few Marines got bored and tried to drive across the small creek. Needless to say, the Scraper got stuck in seconds. A civilian-operated HETT with dual winches attached itself to a 7-ton truck and pulled the stuck equipment out.
Travis Young

City Folks
I work in the Army EOD (bomb squad) and am currently stationed in Iraq. We were responding to a call in the middle of the night when our security element took a wrong turn. So we ended up having to turn around in a field. The first Humvee made it just fine, as did my 40,000-pound JERRV (EOD response vehicle). But our last truck, driven by a city boy, let off the throttle and sunk right in. We were able to winch him out with my truck, but it cost him a broken tie-rod end because he turned against the winch and got the cable wrapped up around the tire. So, despite our efforts, we had to wait in a highly mortared area for about an hour for a wrecker to get out there to tow him back to the base.
SSG Charles S. McClung

Guard Sharp
It didn't take much for the new dirt bridge to give way when our MRAP cut the turn a little too tight. Luckily the front bumper slammed into the dirt and stopped us from rolling over.
SPC Lucas Kinkelaar

Lucky Number 13
While on patrol in Iraq my platoon came across this trench filled with human waste. Every truck in the convoy made it through fine, except for the Humvee I was driving. I'm just lucky like that, I guess.
Sgt. Allen Zurenko


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