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Whoops! 36 New Trail Disasters

2003 Gmc Stuck In Mud
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
Posted April 1, 2012

Muddy Mayhem, Off-Road Carnage & Typical Trail Disasters

Front and rear lockers, long-travel suspensions, and the most powerful engines in the history of man are sometimes no match for what Mother Nature has to offer. While mud is generally the great equalizer for almost every rig, there are plenty of unique ways to get stuck off road. While we know these lapses in judgment and general off-road goofs might not be your proudest moments, they are very entertaining for others!

Here are some of the best of your worst flops, stucks, and off-road calamities. So remember to not be shy. The next time your rig gets a little too off-camber or in a position that it shouldn’t, stay calm, think smart, and snap a photo. Then when the mud dries and the smoke clears, send the photo and story to us at

Always secure your junk! The ice chest made it just fine.
Geoff Mason

Humble Pie
After pulling my buddy’s truck out, I thought I would show off a bit. I got a little cocky and wanted to show him how I could stop in the middle and then keep going. Well, my pride took a hit, and the same truck that I just pulled out now had to give me a tug!
Brandon Rhodes

The Donald
Even with a 6-inch RCD lift and 35-inch Toyo M/Ts, my ’03 GMC couldn’t make it out.
Donald Ayers

Pipe Dreams
Just another day wheeling by the pipeline trails.
Mike Springborn

Big Bro Rules
My sister came to visit from college stressing out about school and her job. So to ease her nerves I told my wife to take her out wheeling while I was at work. A few hours into the day I got a message with this photo. They got stuck in some swampy gunk!
M. White

The Plan
My plan was to show my girlfriend that this hole wasn’t that bad. It ended up taking 10 hours, a 9K winch, two 1-ton trucks, and a Hi-Lift jack to get us out.
Austin Brewer

Snow Doze
We went off to go sledding and the snow came in heavier than expected. I left my truck overnight, only to come back the next day and find most of it buried. It took a D8 bulldozer to get us out and a week to get things running right.
Craig Boren

I really wish I would have listened to my better judgment when I installed the stacked lift blocks that came with my lift kit. Had I not been with a great group of friends I’d still be stuck in the mud pits near Monroe, Washington.
Charlie Cummings

No Pizza for You
A friend and I headed out for what we had planned on being a quick pizza run. After a little prodding we decided to make a small off-road detour. Five hours later we finally dug ourselves out. Next time we’ll get the pizza before we head off-road.
Brian Shepler

Raptor Chase
When running race support for Ford at the Baja 1000, be careful turning around in the dirt. Some spots are much softer than they appear!
Ali Mansour archives

Axle Chucker
Yep, I tore the rear out of my ’80 F-150.
Walt A. Cook

Warn Rescue
Thank goodness I had my Warn winch!
Cliff Jackson

I took a short drive down a logging road, and it went from road to swamp almost instantly. It ended up taking two fullsize pickups to pull me out. The disappointing part is that if I would have made it another 10 feet I would have been out of the swamp.
Devyn Villeneuve

Mountain Mud
It’s a West Virginia tank trap.
Tony Carnes

Getting Ziggy
I zigged when I should have zagged!
Charlie Sulcer

In the Dunes
We almost went over!
Jeff Ashley

While driving down a gravel road, I came upon a section flooded from a recent storm. The road had recently been rebuilt, so I thought nothing of the few inches of water I could see over the roadway. I guess they missed a spot. It took a few hours of winching by a wrecker to finally free the truck from the thick mud and quicksand under the water. The hole was 4 feet deep, but luckily the skidplates caught and prevented a worse fate.
Jon Stevenson

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