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March 1998 Whoops!

Posted in Whoops on March 1, 1998
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Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,
I was trying to balance my Scout on two tires but found that the front was much heavier than the rear. Luckily only minor damage was suffered. I quickly realized I really need to design brackets to bolt down everything inside the truck.
Sean Lipscomb
Tulsa, OK

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,
I was out four-wheeling with some buddies when I tried to make it through this hole-it swallowed my truck, and my 35-inch tires didn't save me at all! We tried pulling it out with three other trucks but ended up having to call a wrecker. I had to replace the rear glass because the winch cable broke and sailed through it, and I'm still replacing seals to this day.
Michael D. Edwards
Fort Wainwright, AK

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,
We were just having a little off-road fun when we came to this hole. My friend Troy tried it first in his '79 CJ-5, and even with 36-inch Buckshots and a new 302 he couldn't conquer it. I had to pull him out with my '80 Blazer.
Matthew J. Hichey
Weiser, ID

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