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September 1998 Whoops!

Posted in Whoops on September 1, 1998
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Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,
I had purchased this WWII '46 Dodge personnel carrier with a flathead six-cylinder and had just replaced the clutch when I took my girlfriend out for a ride. I was eager to show her what the six-by could do and was bragging that the tough old truck could never get stuck. It took a power wagon and a deuce and a half to free the Dodge. Talk about some mean mud!
Pat Sutalo
Santa Ysabel, CA

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,
This is the short version of a long story: A routine Sunday-afternoon ride, a '72 Scout, an '87 Nissan. Some quicksand, a broken axle, a flash flood, and a 15-mile walk. A Mack truck with a 30-ton winch, several support vehicles, and a flatbed trailer. Five long days of pumping water and digging sand. The Scout is back in action, but we don't know whether the Nissan will live.
J.F. Marshall & Joe Larson
Moab, UT

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,
My buddies and I were exploring new ground in the middle of this riverbed when I drove my '89 Toyota over a soft spot and sunk. It took a shovel and a Chevy to get me out. It's a good thing the dam didn't open while I was stuck. I don't think I'll do that again.
Scott Vincent
Grayland, WA

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