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Whoops! Throw-Down - Our Annual Best Of Your Worst

Posted in Whoops on March 3, 2014
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Photographers: Readers

Double Stuck
Every fall they drain Robie Creek Reservoir and my buddies and I take it upon ourselves to see how far we can venture into the bottom. I tried making it across this mud pit in my Cherokee on 33s. After I was thoroughly stuck, my buddy in his turbo’d 4Runner on 36s had to give it try. Needless to say, neither of us made it. After a quick tug on the strap we were free to play another day.
Chris Whitham
Boise, ID

Hot Van Action
At Buchanan’s Mudfest, this van had an electrical fire that started behind the dash on the passenger side. No one had a fire extinguisher, so they flipped the van with a backhoe and put it out in the mud.
Micah Mueller
Robertsville, MO

Showe Time
Went to Uwharrie in my stock ’93 Cherokee. I was told, “You’ll be fine to drive through.” We made it to the other side and slid sideways, deeper each time I tried to get out.
Jesse Showe

One for the Road
Last hole of the day in Olive Hill, Kentucky, was too much for Budda’s tired 4.3L. He had to get a tractor to pull him out.
Ryan Mayers

Mickey Mousing
Bill Moore uttered the famous quote, “Let’s try that” at Mickey’s Hot Tub on Hell’s Revenge in Moab. It looked easy, but Bill dropped in and promptly put it on the front stinger (which saved him). This was after three days of much harder trails.
Randy Silbaugh

Taped Sami
Anyone who’s wheeled Moab knows once they start to buck, back off -- something’s gonna get wrecked! That’s exactly what happened here in Golden Spike. Innocent enough: Thought I’d climb a small ledge, it started to buck, I stayed on the throttle, then it laid on its side. No big deal. Flopped it back on all fours, started right up, and still finished the week with it. Yep, it’s covered in duct tape. Started at the bottom and worked my way up, just like siding.
Jeff Simons

Shaken Money-Maker
This is my ’06 Dodge Ram 3500 welding rig on a pipeline job in West Virginia. I stepped out of the vehicle and turned around to speak to my buddies. I heard a clicking sound, turned around, and saw my truck rolling off the steepest side of the hill. The door is ripped off because I tried to stop the unstoppable. Eventually I just gave up and stood by in amazement with everyone else as I watched my truck roll to its death.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but my truck was destroyed and I wasn’t right for weeks. The wheels were chocked, the emergency brake was on, and the truck was not running. My buddies and I see these in Whoops! and think, Man, that would suck. It did. I had no choice but to go out and buy a new money-maker before I even settled up with the insurance for the totaled truck.
Christopher Kobelak
Finleyville, PA

Tricky Blazer
Here is a picture of Brent Bellon getting back in his bobbed and dovetailed K5 Blazer after laying it on its side on the last obstacle of Moab Rim. It was actually pretty stable, and we just pushed it back on its tires after Brent got in and belted up. But it gave him a good scare—he thought he was going to roll off the ledge. No damage done, just a cool trick! It did make the people behind us coming down very nervous after seeing this.
Steven Kearbey

Rain Runner
Enjoying the rain, I decided to go 4-wheeling. I took the wrong road.
J. Perez
El Paso, TX

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Burned by Jeep Payments?
This was my first Jeep on Day 6. I had been arguing with the car company about payments, so my insurance company didn’t know I had bought it. It was a bad day telling them it caught fire.
Daniel Farrar

Needs TLC
Drove the LC all day and he decided he needed a nap.
Orion Hunke

Thirsty Terminator
Greg Banfield, aka Motoman, on Lower Terminator in Moab, took a chance on the watering hole. He got in a little deep.
Mike Gladkin

BFE Bandit
Here’s my Geo Tracker on 39s. I call it Bandit, after Smokey and the Bandit. On its maiden voyage in Moab, I tried my luck with Helldorado. I’m actually surprised by how well the rig did. On the Waterfall, I was trying to run up the right side, knowing that it would push me to the left. I do not have the power to “shoot” up the Waterfall and had to winch myself up. The other pic is on Green Day in BFE. It never did lay over. My friend Keith tried to keep me upright until others could help. Good times!
Jeff Simons

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Bill’s Revenge
I’m 17 years old. This is my triple-case Marlin Crawler Toyota at Stony Lonesome OHV Park in Cullman, Alabama. I was almost to the top of Bill’s Hill when my brakes went out. Couldn’t get her back in gear quick enough. Five or six rolls later, the tree stopped me. I got KO’d and sent to the ER for eight staples. Got a new body and frame and I’m crawlin’ again!
Isaac Lindsey

Mud ’n’ Cheese
I buried it in the swamp while muddin’ in Wisconsin with a few buddies. After several failed attempts to pull it out, we restrapped at a hard angle. I yelled, “Let ’er eat,” and my buddy’s Cummins rolled it right over in the mud. We got it out with a come-along the next day.
Justin Zbleski
Nekoosa, WI

Painful Flip
I rolled three times at Hawk Pride Off Road Park with two passengers. I was fine, the guy behind me was OK, but girl behind the passenger seat had her foot crushed. She is healing up now, and I’m working on getting the Jeep back together.
Cary Ortiz

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Brake-Basted Ford
Turkey Bay OHV Area. Blown brake master cylinder midway up a hillclimb.
Dustin Ewers

Well Done
Was out in Wellsville, Ohio. Went a little high on one side.
Ryan Klaehn

Glamis Rookie
Steve Lancea went on a night run on his first trip to Glamis. He found the wrong side of a razor.
Greg Banfield

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Aqua Grande
Crecida de río. River flood in Puerto Rico.
Daniel M. Moll

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Grand Plunge
Some kids were crossing the creek at Buchanan’s Mudfest in their Grand Cherokee. One got confident and went to the left just a little too much. The backhoe pulled it out, then stood the Jeep straight up to dump all the water out.
Micah Mueller
Robertsville, MO

Wife’s Fault?
This is my ’97 ZJ on the Mild to Wild trail at Bundy Hill Offroad Park in Michigan. Everyone else was trying to go around it. My wife said I wouldn’t make it, so I had to try. Winched it out and kept on 4-wheeling with new custom bodylines.
Kyle Mosakowski

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