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Jeep Wrangler & Toyota Pickup Stuck In The Drink - Whoops!

Posted in Whoops on September 29, 2014
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Not the Cat’s Meow
Picked up this Toyota as a budget beater when I was in the service. This hole was way rutted, thanks to 7-tons with their 54-inch Michelin XZLs. Needless to say, I laid frame pretty hard—hard enough that a Cat D7 came to the “rescue.” Thanks to an inexperienced operator, this little ’Yota received a nasty 78,000-pound crunch! After we pulled the radiator off the fan, I drove home. It’s got a pretty sick approach angle now.
Mark Owens

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Drowned to the Frame
Drowned my clutch in the Ozark National Forest. We were just riding along and then the bottom dropped out!
Ben Williams

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