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Suzuki Samurai In The Ice & An International Scout II Stuck - Whoops!

Posted in Whoops on June 25, 2015
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Photographers: Readers

Stuck Suzi
This is the result of trying to avoid driving through a pond at the local off-road park. I had not been to the park in about a year, and the pond has gotten larger since my last visit. A little bit of winching got it out. Also, I wound up having to adjust my clutch for some strange reason.
Chris Crowley
Sikeston, MO

Lumber Jacking
My brother and I took a slight detour to pull down a dead tree that had half fallen and was leaning over the trail. We sunk. It took three hours, a Hi-Lift jack, a chainsaw to cut footings for the jack and logs to put under the tires, a Ford tractor named Bluferd (name shamelessly borrowed from Fred Williams), and some hand-digging. The more we lifted on the passenger side, the deeper it sunk on the driver side! We call her Pearl. She’s a 1971 Scout II with a 1974 IH 304 V-8, 33-inch tires, lots of Bondo in the usual places, and a rattle-can paint job that has held up for 12 years now.
Nick & Jared Korenek

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