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Most Diverse Off-Roading on Earth Moab 2009

The Most Diverse Off-Roading On Earth?

Jerrod JonesPhotographer, WriterJeff DahlinPhotographer

Whether you're a crawler, a go-fast guy, or just a general off-road lover such as ourselves, Moab, Utah, has got to be one of the greatest places on Earth to visit. It has everything from gnarly rock trails that would stick even the most badass buggy, to sand dunes and go-fast desert roads just outside of town. You can hit a famous slickrock trail like Hell's Revenge or something earlier in the day, and head out to do some high-speed blasting in the afternoon. On top of that, Moab (at least in March and April during Easter Jeep Safari) has some of the best weather for off-roading. It can be 85 degrees one day and actually be snowing a little fluff onto the trails the next. We've been in scorching sand dunes and a few feet of snow in the same day before.

This year, Moab was definitely emptier than the local businesses would have liked to have seen. The economy obviously affected everyone, and a lot of off-roaders just couldn't find the cash or time to make it out this year. But selfishly, this almost made it all the better for anyone who was there. It's not that we don't all love seeing a ton of people come out to enjoy themselves, but less people means less back up on the trails, and more availability of hotel rooms for those last-minute vacationers that drove to Moab on a last-minute whim

Will the economy be back in full swing and Moab completely packed again next year? Only time will tell, but we suggest you make your reservations now just in case. This is one week that you should never miss out on!