East Coast 4Runner Jamboree

    Wheelin’ Northeast Style

    Jay KopycinskiPhotographer, Writer

    There was green everywhere. Stands of trees populated the forest and the trails wound their way amongst them, and over deposits of surface boulders. Challenges included mucky holes of water and settled bottom mud. We found good ’wheeling and good company in the upper right corner of this great country of ours.

    We had headed to Pennsylvania for a weekend of trail running and camaraderie. The occasion was the 10th annual East Coast 4Runner Jamboree, and the place was Rausch Creek Off Road Park. Located in central Pennsylvania, Rausch Creek is home to more than 1,700 acres, which offer an array of 4WD trails to suit a wide variety of vehicles and skill level.

    This event, held each summer, draws participants from up and down the East Coast states who come to tackle some challenging trails or to simply relax and explore some of the milder routes this area has to offer. Most of the participants camped on-site at the park where primitive camping is free to park customers.

    The terrain of the eastern portion of the Allegheny Region of central Pennsylvania consists of hilly slopes and forested land. The soil here is loose and quickly turns soupy with moisture, but the trails are often jutted with exposed rocks and an occasional fallen tree.

    Much of the ’wheeling starts on Friday morning and drivers check in and gather at the park. Groups form based on trail rating, and ’wheelers are soon off into the Pennsylvania forest. We’ve been there years when the weather was pretty dry and water remains in only the lowest of spots. Other times we’ve seen pouring rains that quickly make the trails a soupy ride and stir up some good mud holes.

    Take a look here and you’ll get an idea of the fun that can be had at Rausch Creek. Plus, you can check out some of the cool Toy rigs that attend the Jamboree. The 2011 EC4RJ will be held June 24 to 26 at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.

    You can find more information about the park online at www.rauschcreekoffroadpark.com.

    While it’s called a 4Runner jamboree, the event is also attended by Toyota trucks and Land Cruisers of vintages spanning over 30 years. For information on next year’s event, look for the information thread in the forums at www.midatlantictoyotacrawlers.com.

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