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Raptor Roundup | Texana Ranch Ford Raptor Run

Texas Raptor Run

Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

Picture an outdoor playground where you could drive at high speeds for hours, yet only see a few other trucks—and maybe a couple camels—while covering more than 5,000 acres of fresh park.

We were at the privately-owned exotic animal Texana Ranch outside of Blackwell, Texas. The weather was just below hot and just above cold, and it was practically raining Raptors. Trey Palreiro had successfully put together the largest gathering of Ford’s most specialized off-road vehicle ever sold to the public. Who is Trey? He was simply a Raptor owner with a dream of making an event where guys like him could get together, share notes, hit some trails, and maybe even do some good over the period of a weekend.

After a lot of research and footwork, Palreiro is the founder of the largest known Ford Raptor owner gathering ever. With some help from family, friends, the Baja Racing Texas crew, and ranch foreman Matt Parks, he was able to set up a successful camp and 43-mile loop where 50 Raptor owners could drive their trucks to (and for some, past) their limits.

Though there were a few bent frames, crushed skidplates, and more money spent than intended (always), it seemed that everyone had a great time and people were already talking about next year’s gathering by Sunday morning.

If you are the proud owner of a Raptor and want to see what totally stock to heavily-modified Raptors can do, then maybe you should think about putting in some seat time and heading into the heart of the Lone Star State for next year’s Texas Raptor Run.