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TexasJK.Com's First Annual JK Jamboree

Jeep Wrangler JK Invasion

Ken BrubakerPhotographer, Writer

In 2007, Brendan Bogan of Lake Dallas, Texas, bought his first Jeep. It was an '07 Wrangler, and while he knew a little about wheeling and jeeping, he did not know many people who had the new model of Wrangler. He and his friend Jason Pruett, also a JK owner, talked about getting a group of other JK owners together so they would have an avenue for talking through the upgrades and needs that wheeling these new Jeeps would create. As it turns out, that was a great idea.

In the three years since Bogan launched his vision of JK owners sharing info and experiences at a monthly meeting, it has morphed into TexasJK. "We have roughly 500 members on the forum and regularly see over 50 JKs at all of the monthly meetings. I'm not sure we are really a club, but more of a calling for those that are looking for a family that likes to wheel and hang together on and off the trails. We typically host four to five events per year in and around Texas, and have multiple outlets for the folks that support TexasJK to hang out, whether it's on the forum or an event that is hosted by us or one of our great sponsors," Bogan says. He goes on to say, "I stay true to the people, and it only seems to grow on a daily basis in return. I have a small group of folks that dedicate their time to helping run the events and a wealth of great sponsors that are locally involved in every aspect of what we do. From Gerry Pifer with Lunatic Customs to the local State Farm agent, Jeff Key, our sponsors are always stepping up to make sure our members have every avenue to build up their rigs and to go test them when ready."

Last March, TexasJK hosted the First Annual National JK Jamboree at the Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The event drew over 100 rigs despite the threat of bad weather. We were there and tagged along on numerous trails with the TexasJK folks over the course of two days. We saw a lot of cool JKs and met many fine people from Texas and beyond who are passionate about the Jeep JK and wheeling. Here's some of what we saw.

About Superlift ORV Park
They say first impressions are everything. They may be right. For instance, the minute you drive into the 1,250-acre Superlift ORV Park, it's hard not to be impressed by the spacious, clean parking lot, views of the quaint creekside campground, the new office/convenience store, cozy rental cabin, shower house/restrooms, and 3,900-square-foot pavilion. It looks like a four-wheel drive resort. Moreover, the good impression keeps going strong when you hit the trails because the park fee includes a map, and all of the trails are clearly marked and difficulty-rated. And speaking of trails, Superlift ORV Park has a mind-boggling variety that'll keep everyone happy from the novice to the hardcore. Many of the trails and obstacles have been named, so when you're bragging about your adventure at the end of the day you'll be able to mention what you owned by name. Like mud? It's there. Rocks more your style? Got 'em. Killer views? Yep.

Bottom line: Superlift ORV Park makes a great first impression and it leaves a lasting impression. Get more info at www.orvpark.com.

Coilover Unlimited
We had a chance to ride in Mike Frazier's unique '07 Unlimited Rubicon. Why is it unique? Well, he has fitted his Jeep with a custom four-link front suspension with Radflo coilovers and a custom four-link coil spring rear suspension. The front axle is a trussed Dana 44 with RCV chrome-moly axleshafts and the factory Rubicon electric locker, and the rear is a Dana 60 with Strange chrome-moly axleshafts and a Detroit Locker. It rolls on 39.5-inch IROK tires.

Additionally, the JK's wheelbase has been stretched to 120 inches and it has a custom fuel cell, body armor, and skidplating. It was amazing how smoothly the rig rode on the trail and the suspension flex was impressive. Frazier says he built the rig because he wanted a streetable rig that could carry his entire family and then hit the trail and keep up with the buggies.