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VORE Trucks Let Loose at SEMA 2013

Squealing Tires, Jumps and Much More

Jeremy CookPhotographerAgustin JimenezWriter

This year’s SEMA Show brought out some cool trucks and awesome parts but the real show seemed to be outside the Las Vegas Convention Center where Vegas Off Road Entertainment (VORE) was hosting a live exhibition of what they do in front of a roaring crowd. We we’re drawn towards the parking lot of the Convention Center when we heard the sweet sound of large off road tires as they barked around sliding on asphalt.

What we saw was a factory stock Ford Raptor drifting around the parking lot on a set of General Grabber Red Label tires hitting a strategically placed jump as well as a set of whoops to show off the trucks off road prowess, on asphalt anyway.

To make things even more interesting, VORE also had their Pro Truck out there whipping around the makeshift course while putting on a great performance for the captivated audience. VORE has a facility out in the desert of Las Vegas where they run an off road driving school where you can literally show up and jump behind the wheel of a Raptor or even a Pro Truck and learn how to tame them in the dirt. They even have a shooting range where you get to fire 50-caliber machine guns on retired taxi cabs filled with Tannerite - all on site in case you need a little extra adrenaline after all the gnarly off road driving.

Check out the show they put on for our cameras as during SEMA 2013!