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2014 Louisiana Mud Truck Madness

Cajun Crawfish and Muddy Mega Trucks

Ricky B WilsonWriter(4x4 cross)Photographer

Louisiana Mud Truck Madness is definitely a legit mega truck event you want to get out to as soon as possible. This is by far the premiere event for the mega mud racing scene anywhere in the U.S. Unfortunately for me, it is one of the farthest trips I make throughout the year, but it is totally worth the 20-hour drive it takes me to get there from N.C. Once I make a quick stop in Alabama to pick up my good bud Matt with Busted Knuckle Films, I know it’s not much farther to the park. Even if I had to drive all day and night to hit up this event, I’d be there with camera in hand and a smile on my face. Mud Truck Madness (MTM) is absolutely worth making the trip, so if you are anywhere within driving distance of Many, Louisiana, you need to make the trip to their next event.

There is literally something for everyone to enjoy at this one of a kind event. I don’t care what kind of mud you like or what type of a mudding event you like, they have it all. Straight up, MTM has the most topnotch racing series anywhere in the country, and they achieve this by running many different sanctioned races all in one weekend. This particular weekend we watched races from the MRA (Mud Racers Association), the Arklatex Series, the Mega Truck Bad Boys, and even the Yukon Gear & Axle Throttle King Mega Truck Series. When you combine 1,200hp mega truck races with a huge play area for bog trucks, ATVs, and side-by-sides, it’s impossible not to have a good time. MTM also has a huge flooded pond area for the guys that like to go deep, a big concrete pad for truck tug-o-war, and a big stage for the concerts nightlife. We can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t go—they seem to have it all.

Along with a really cool mud park, the Mud Truck Madness staff and crew are all really cool, including David, the main man on site. This hardworking redneck is a hands-on kinda guy and he’s definitely not afraid to get dirty throughout the entire event. The rest of his crew is exactly the same way. With a bunch of different racing series and drivers in one location, you would think some tension would be in the air. To our surprise, the folks running the race and even their drivers are all super-nice and willing to talk with you and your kids before and after the race. Mud Truck Madness is all about letting the fans and spectators get up close and personal to these unique race trucks.

In addition to the great aspects of this mega truck playground, this is a charity event benefiting the Shriner’s Hospital for children—how cool is that? We rarely see that at events this size anywhere in the country, which is extremely impressive for such a small town in Louisiana. I can’t forget to mention the unbelievable crawfish we ate on this road trip to the south. No joke—there’s a vendor there that does nothing but sell pounds of spicy Cajun Crawfish and I’m starting to think that the drive is worth it just for that stuff. You just can’t even understand how good they are unless you have tried it, so go get some!

In the Mega Truck Bad Boys/Yukon Gear Throttle King Qualifying Obstacle course race, the top five winners and Throttle King Invitation winners ware David Tinson in the Suzuki Samurai called Sweat This, taking First Place. Keith Spiker driving Hammerhead took Second, and No Sweat grabbed Third. Jason Sasser’s Duramax-powered Milk Man race truck came in Fourth, and a square-body Chevy named Too Sexy was Fifth. The famous Singer Slinger truck with Shawn Goodeaux behind the wheel put on a sick freestyle exhibition all over the play area and even flew across the flag pond multiple times, taking the Freestyle award in the Yukon Gear Throttle King Invite.

Regardless of the long drive, I make it to this event each year, so I expect you to be there for the next one—no excuses. I hope to see ya out there next time.

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