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Talladega Mud Racing

Nascar Style Racing in the Mud

Chris HamiltonWriterJacob DelRosaPhotographer

When you live in a state known for having one of the most extreme racetracks in all of motorsports, an average mud track just isn’t good enough. That’s what the crew at Talladega Mud Park said when they began construction just 10.8 miles away from the Talladega Super Speedway in Alabama. This beautiful off-road park sits on 80 acres of land that contains a full mud bog play area, over 3 miles of ATV riding trails, and a campground big enough for everyone to stay all weekend. The major names involved in creating this event are Chuck Dorough, Buddy Nelson, Jennifer Meadows, Jason Borrks, Kent Bryant, and Richard Davis. Without the countless hours of work and all the sleepless nights, this track would not be here to hold these insane mega truck races.

Mudders from all over the country flock to this event 8-10 times per year to test out their rigs in a new arena. The quarter-mile track is full of obstacles, including platform jumps and deep mud holes, that two trucks will go through in a head-to-head race. The massive NASCAR-style banks make cornering just as technical as the rest of the race since you have to avoid the other guy. After launch, both trucks have to clear three turns and get back to the starting position before the other driver does. This park has come up with a super-cool way to race mud trucks, and we can’t wait to see some national competitors show up. This track could be one of many stops on a nationwide mega truck circuit once the mud-racing scene is big enough, so get your practice in now before it’s to late.

Along with really fun side-by-side mud racing, Talladega Mud Park hosts a freestyle competition that brings the crazy out in some drivers. Flying parts and flipped trucks are not uncommon, so pay attention if you’re in the crowd. A special attraction from the General Lee mega truck made the kids go wild as Buddy Nelson smashed through a 30-foot motorhome, leaving it in pieces. Most spectators took advantage of the water and light hook up at the campgrounds by making a full family weekend out of this event. With over 3,500 people in attendance, the onsite food vendors were busy feeding the hungry. The 60-food redneck waterslide kept everyone nice and cool.

This park holds events the first Saturday of each month between the months of March and November. We highly recommend making the trip.

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