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    The Goofy Jeep We Love

    Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

    Honestly, if you don’t have a sense of humor, then you probably don’t like Forward Control (FC) Jeeps. Why? Well, it’s been said that they have a face that only a mother could love. We love them—does that make us their mothers? Probably not! Also, if you do like FCs and you don’t have a sense of humor, or hold a grudge, do us a favor and quit reading this article. Sure, you are welcome to look at the pictures, just don’t read what we have written here because we are gonna poke a little fun at these odd Jeeps. Of course, most of the worst things that have been said about FC’s have come from the mouths of FC fans, collectors, and owners, so we are really just repeating it here.

    Much like the canine known as a Pug, FCs have a short stubby bodies and even shorter stubbier faces. Also like the Pug, an adorable and fun loving doggy, an FC is unquestionably a lovable, yet somewhat goofy, member of the Jeep family. Since FCs are part of the family, we feel that it is alright to poke a little fun at them from time to time. But be forewarned, if you are not part of the Jeep family and you mock the FC, be ready for any and all Jeepers to go all irate mother bear on ya! Why? Well, ‘cause you messin’ with our goofy Jeep, and you’re going to pay!

    In all seriousness, we here at Jp do love any and all Forward Control Jeeps (and reserve the right to poke fun at them at will). So, when we heard about the 11th-annual FC Roundup in Phoenix this past March, we knew we had to go. Jesse and Andrea Ybarra invited us, as well as all FC fans, to their Phoenix property with the offer of multiple FCs in different stages of restoration and modification—and a free lunch. When we arrived and had a chance to mingle with the FCs and their people, we realized what an amazing gathering of cool and different vehicles we had found. Truly, the FC Roundup is an amazing experience where more FCs have gathered since the last few left the factory. On top of that is a wealth of knowledge of everything Forward Control. If you are a budding FC freak or a long-time FC fan, you owe it yourself to check out this FC-themed website, the FC Connection ( Until then, have a look at the many cool FCs we found. There are so many cool FCs that we didn’t have enough space to show them all. Want to see them? Go to for more from this year, or be sure to hit up next year’s Arizona FC Roundup.

    Our Favorite FC Survivor

    Bob Thomson’s M677 Tow Rig

    FC for the Dirt

    Expedition Ready

    Forest Service FC

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