2014 Sierra Trek - Trekkies On Fourdyce

    The Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains

    David HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

    If you are seeking for some of the best rockcrawling trails in the country, look no further than the Fordyce Creek OHV Trail, located in the northern Sierra Nevada mountain range, near Truckee, California. For and awesome trail experience, mark your calendars for the second week of August each year and attend the iconic Sierra Trek 4x4 event. The California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (Cal4Wheel) has sponsored and organized Sierra Trek since 1967, with the main camp based at Meadow Lake. This year, marked the 47th anniversary of the event, and it attracted over a thousand off-road enthusiasts.

    Sierra Trek is a family-friendly event, with fun and games for all ages. With your four-day pass you’ll enjoy some of the most scenic camping along the shores of Meadow Lake and the tastiest cowboy-style cooked meals served this side of the Mississippi. Trektown (base camp) is where the action happens. Campers come and go throughout the day from the surrounding campgrounds to Trektown and enjoy food and games during the day to music and warming up by the bonfire in the evenings. It’s great to catch up with old friends around the evening campfire. Saturday is vendor day, where you can check out all of the latest off-road gear for your rig.

    There are five winch hills that stair-step the trail

    Trekkies, as they’ve been known to call themselves, have trail options ranging from extreme rockcrawling to historical SUV tours. Thursday and Friday’s 13-mile run up Fordyce Creek starts early in the early morning and ends in midafternoon. If you have a full-bodied rig, be prepared for custom granite polishing on a rocker panel or two, no extra charge. There are a total of five designated winch hills that stair-step the trail all the way to the last obstacle. A winch crew is manned at each winch hill and abides by a general rule to alleviate any backups on the trail behind: After the third attempt, you “get the hook.”

    The Cal4Wheel staff does an excellent job of making this annual event a memorable experience, year after year. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s event, second weekend of August 2015. Find out more info at the Cal4Wheel website, cal4wheel.com.

    The Sierra Treasure Hunters 4x4 club from Sacramento recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The club was one of the founding clubs of the Sierra Trek back in 1967.
    Axial Racing had a large contingent of R/C fans attend its daily trail runs in base camp and in the outskirts of camp. Axial even had a night run on Friday night. On Saturday, about 50 people joined in the trail run from main camp, to the Meadow Lake Dam.
    Vendor Alley on Saturday is where you can see rows of the latest off-road products for your rig. Axial, Marlin Crawler, Metal Cloak, Synergy Manufacturing, West Coast Differentials, and a few other companies donated products for the Sunday raffle. All proceeds go to land use causes.