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Ultimate Adventure 2015 Readers & Sponsors

Part 1: Meet the Readers & Sponsors

Every year 4x4 enthusiasts from all over the country converge at an undisclosed location for a week of adventure, fun, and sleep deprivation. The individuals that make up this group come from all walks of life: industry folks, writers, photographers, videographers, and regular people just like you. It's amazing that all of the different personalities, attitudes, and vehicle types always manage to form the cohesive group that is the Ultimate Adventure. Everyone is quick to lend a hand, whether it's pulling a winch cable, spotting a vehicle up a difficult section of trail, or loaning a tool. The vehicles range from scratch-built custom rigs to 4x4s with a few simple bolt-ons. A couple of clapped-out trucks are often thrown in for good measure.

This month we highlight the readers and sponsors who attended, and next month we'll take a closer look at the cronies, staff, and support vehicles. Want to be a part of it? Start gathering ideas from this year's vehicles, get to work on your own 4x4, and apply to be a part of next year's fun at 4wor-ua.com.

The British Invasion
1998 Land Rover Range Rover

Drivers: Jeffrey Corwin & Chris Breidenbach

We're not sure if Rick Péwé and the rest of the staff went off their meds (How did you know we are on meds? —Ed.) when they selected a British 4x4 to attend the Ultimate Adventure, but we're glad they did. Jeff Corwin and co-driver Chris Breidenbach were responsible for the first-ever Land Rover to attend a UA. They may have forgotten the Grey Poupon, but they left nothing on the table when it came to getting the well-cultured truck up all the serious obstacles. Despite good-natured ribbing from several people in the UA pack (especially when we were wheeling on the Fourth of July), the duo represented the island nation well—and it helps that they are both Denver-based Land Rover techs with their own shops. This sleeper sports custom air suspension and upgraded axles, and the owner sports a never-say-die attitude. The Rover experienced some driveshaft and suspension issues, but contrary to the assumptions of several in the group, it was moving under its own power and not even marking its own territory at the end of the trip.

Engine: 4.6L V-8
Transmission: Stock automatic
Transfer Case: Stock BorgWarner
Front Axle: Factory Rover, ARB Air Locker, RCV axleshafts, 4.10
Rear Axle: Factory Rover, ARB Air Locker, chromoly axleshafts, 4.10
Springs & Such: Modified factory radius arms with air suspension, OME shocks
Tires & Wheels: Factory wheels with 315/75-R16 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/As
Steering: Stock
Winch: Warn 9,000
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: Custom modified suspension, fabricated front bumper and roof rack, 1-inch body lift, aftermarket seats

Returning Reader
1942 Willy's MB

Drivers: Brennan Metcalf and Matt Bokan

Each year we invite one reader from the previous year to return. We couldn't resist seeing more of Brennan Metcalf's really cool flatfender. But this year we got a two-for one, as Brennan's co-driver was none other than Matt Bokan, himself a veteran of last year's UA in his Scout II. Brennan applied the same KISS principle to this year's UA that he used to build his little flattie and kept the changes to a minimum. The biggest modification he made was sewing his own top, which turned out to be a very wise addition when the rain came down. Matt and Brennan were a great team and barely had to turn a wrench on the flattie the entire week, proving that this rig is well built and extremely capable.

Engine: Buick 225 V-6
Transmission: T-18
Transfer Case: Dana 20
Front Axle: Narrow-track CJ Dana 30, Spartan Locker, 5.38
Rear Axle: Narrow-track CJ Dana 44, Ox Locker, 5.38
Springs & Such: Superlift 1-inch springs front and rear
Tires & Wheels: 35x12.50-15 BFGoodrich Krawler T/As on beadlock wheels
Steering: Saginaw 4-bolt steering box
Winch: Belleview 6,000
Lighting: Lifetime LED light bar
Other Stuff: Custom frame, raised front fenders, tons of detail with a clean, simple execution

Low Tech FJ-40
1969 Toyota Land Cruiser

Drivers: Phil Pasciak & Chris Larsen

Phil Pasciak and co-driver Chris Larsen are a textbook example of what we look for in the readers who come on the UA: super-cool, laidback, helpful guys in a thoroughly sorted out vehicle that just flat-out works. Further, these two knew exactly how to handle whatever terrain was in front of them. The FJ-40 itself is really nothing special: a carbureted stock six-cylinder that burns a little oil, with leaf springs and beefed up axles. But the guys knew every inch of the Cruiser and what it was capable of, and they pushed it to the limit. A fairly catastrophic break of a rear axle right at the flange would have been a huge deal for most people, but these two Nevadans had it fixed in 20 minutes because they had spares and knew how to use them. If winners were ever declared for the UA, Phil and Chris would have been serious contenders. For these and other reasons, Pasciak earned the coveted Tom Boyd Award at the victory dinner for living the UA’s “No Whining” motto.

Engine: Toyota 2F I-6
Transmission: GM SM420
Transfer Case: '73 Toyota with Fairy OD
Front Axle: 9.5-inch Toyota with factory electric locker, 4.88
Rear Axle: 9.5-inch Toyota with Detroit Locker, 4.88
Springs & Such: BDS rear FJ-40 springs with shackle reversal (front); BDS 5-inch YJ springs with inboard hangers (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 17x9 Method beadlocks with 37x12.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs
Steering: Saginaw power steering with 1-ton rod ends, 4x4 Labs low-steer arms
Winch: Warn 8274
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: 4-wheel disc brakes, York onboard air, welder, shower, DOM fenders, dual Optima batteries

West Virginia Explorer
1993 Ford Explorer

Drivers: Jack Sloan & Jared Cummons

Jack Sloan and co-driver Jared Cummons are quite possibly the first readers on the UA to hail from West Virginia. They did a great job representing their home state. Though it was a little unusual as off-road rigs go, Sloan piloted his 1993 Ford Explorer with confidence and little concern for body damage. He chose to stick with simplicity when he built his rig, leaving much of the vehicle alone with the exception of retrofitting a high-pinion Dana 44 and Ford radius arm suspension in place of the factory TTB. Sporting 4.88 gears and lunchbox lockers, the vehicle is otherwise mostly stock and works amazingly well. Sloan wasn't scared to put the maroon sheetmetal in harm's way, and perhaps in anticipation of body damage he even removed most of the windows to save on trail cleanup. The rig and the team were solid all week, with only a front locker issue briefly slowing them down on the first day.

Engine: Stock 4.0L
Transmission: Stock A4LD Auto
Transfer Case: BorgWarner 1354E
Front Axle: Dana 44 high-pinion, crony-installed welded diff, 4.88
Rear Axle: Ford 8.8, lunchbox locker, 4.88
Springs & Such: Early Bronco radius arms with 5 1/2-inch coils (front) and SOA leaf springs (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 35x12.50-15 Falken WildPeak MTs on American Racing 15x8 wheels
Steering: Modified for solid axle conversion
Winch: Rugged Ridge 10.5K
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: Custom front and rear bumpers, interior rollcage, Corbeau seats, DIY onboard air

Hot Rod 4x4
1946 Chevy Truck

Drivers: Bill Costa & Derrick Williams

Bill Costa brought a late-model fullsize Chevy truck that he wheeled the snot out of until an especially tight trail caused him to basically tear the whole side off the truck. Not wanting to throw the whole thing away, he decided to swap everything into something smaller, but not a Jeep. Costa’s 1946 Chevy is the result of hundreds of hours of work, but the finished product is amazing. It looks good in pictures, but seeing it in person is the only way to appreciate the amazing detail that went into this unusual wheeler. Costa and co-driver Derrick Williams may have been short on words during the trip, but they were quick to lend a hand and also made short work of tackling the hardest obstacles on all the trails. The truck has been together long enough for all the bugs to have been worked out, and with it the Vermont residents did a great job representing all the Northeast wheelers out there.

Engine: Chevy 5.3L
Transmission: 4L60E
Transfer Case: 203/205 Doubler with twin-stick
Front Axle: Locked Dana 60, 5.13
Rear Axle: Locked 14-bolt, 5.13
Springs & Such: Custom 4-link with 18-inch coilovers front and rear
Tires & Wheels: 38.5x13.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs on 17x9 Pro Comp wheels
Steering: Hydraulic with high-steer arms
Winch: Smittybilt 12K
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: Tons of bodywork, custom fenders, much more

1994 Suzuki Sidekick

Drivers: Justin "Rev Limiter" Cardwell & Joe Poisel

It’s always the quiet ones that surprise you. Justin Cardwell and Joe Poisel showed up late on check-in day due to a blown transmission near their trailer drop-off point, which was hundreds of miles away from the start. The duo had things back together in a few short hours thanks to the help of Tom's 4x4 Superstore. For the next seven days they proceeded to beat on the Suzuki like it owed them money. The Sidekick benefits from mostly Toyota drivetrain as well as a driver and co-driver who are self-appointed rev-limiter testers for Toyota, because there were few times that the engine wasn't bouncing off of it when momentum was needed. Obstacles were not so much attempted as attacked. The results usually left observers with a mix of shock and awe as the little white Suzuki made it to the top of an obstacle. Their high mark on a particular 400-yard stretch of hill in North Carolina still has people talking. These guys were quiet at first but quickly warmed up to the group and put on an awesome show at every obstacle they attempted. The rig stayed together despite the abuse, proving that it was well built and had a driver who knew its limits.

Engine: Toyota Tacoma 2TR-FE 2.7L
Transmission: Toyota R150
Transfer Case: Dual Toyota gear-drive cases, 4.7 and 2.28 low ranges
Front Axle: Toyota FJ-60, electric locker, 5.29
Rear Axle: Toyota FJ-80 full-floater, electric locker, 5.29
Springs & Such: 4-link with 14-inch coilovers and air bumps front and rear
Tires & Wheels: 38x13.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs on American Racing wheels
Steering: Hydraulic
Winch: Warn HS 9500i
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: Upgraded clutch, electric throttle control, custom cage, suspension seats, plated frame and rockers, just to name a few

Not a Chevy
1989 GMC V3500

Drivers: Robert Keller & Jary McNeil

There were an abnormal number of tan Chevys on this year's UA, but Robert Keller was quick to point out that his GMC is not a Chevy (yet he admitted it has many Chevy parts.) Built from several vehicles that were lying around Keller’s yard, the truck has just the right amount of patina and somehow escaped the tin worm that is so common in Keller’s home state of Florida. Like most of the other reader rigs this year, his GMC is a study in simplicity: heavy-duty axles, bulletproof drivetrain, and just the right number of modifications to make it well suited to handling the UA. Keller and co-driver Jary McNeil were not afraid to risk damaging the square body's sheetmetal. The heavy Chevy was surprisingly light on its feet when it came to handling the slick, tight trails of Appalachia. The shortened wheelbase was a big help, and we appreciated the fact that Keller made sure all of the truck's clearance lights were functional. Sometimes it's the details that count.

Engine: Chevy 350
Transmission: SM465
Transfer Case: NP205
Front Axle: Dana 60, Spartan Locker, 4.11
Rear Axle: 14-Bolt, Grizzly Locker, 4.11
Springs & Such: 52-inch springs w/ 6-inch shackles and 14-inch King shocks (front); 56-inch springs with homemade shackle slip and 12-inch Rancho shocks (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 38x13.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs on 17x9 Cragar wheels
Steering: Crossover steering with hydro assist
Winch: Warn Zeon 12
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: Custom-built bed with toolbox and fuel tank, wheelbase shortened 42 inches, 1410 driveshaft, front axle moved forward 1 1/2 inches

Off Road Power Products
1975 Jeep Cherokee Chief

Drivers: Erik “Cooper” Rasmussen & Mike Kim

The Off Road Power Products crew is always a good time, and this year the Spokane-based team of Erik “Cooper” Rasmussen and Mike Kim was great entertainment. Instead of bringing one of their usual diesel-powered vehicles, the OPP crew built a 1975 Cherokee Chief that had lots of great parts and just the right amount of patina. The fresh build had the expected number of gremlins to work out, but in a first for the duo, there were no major failures . The fresh 360 was topped with MSD Atomic fuel injection for reliability, while a 14-bolt and beefed-up Dana 44 sent torque to the 37-inch Falkens. Some sheetmetal was massaged along the way, but Rasmussen managed to avoid the full smash treatment this year and was able to drive it off the last trail at the end of the week, a first for him.

Engine: AMC 360
Transmission: TH400
Transfer Case: NP205 with ORD twin-stick
Front Axle: Dana 44, ARB Air Locker, Chromoly axleshafts, 4.88
Rear Axle: GM 14-Bolt, ARB Air Locker, Chromoly axleshafts, 4.88
Springs & Such: 3-link with 12-inch Fox coilovers (front); 4-inch BDS leaf springs with Synergy 6-inch shackles and OPP spring hangers (rear)
Tires & Wheels: Method 105 beadlocks with 37x12.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs
Steering: PSC ram-assist with Artec arms
Winch: Warn Xeon 10-S
Lighting: Mixture of KC and Baja Designs
Other Stuff: Full rollcage, PRP seats, Atomic EFI, MSD ignition, Mercenary Off-Road front and rear bumpers, Art Carr shifter, SPod accessory wiring

Falken Tire
2009 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

Drivers: Andrew Hoit & Martin Castro

Falken Tire may be a new sponsor on the UA this year, but this was not the company's first foray into the dirt. The company came out in full force with the Falken JK Recon piloted by VP of Sales Andrew Hoit and co-dawg Martin Castro. The Recon is a highly modified Rubicon that was built to be the Swiss army knife of 4x4s; from rockcrawling to chasing desert racers and Ultra 4 cars, this JK can do it all. It also turned out to be a great UA vehicle, with adequate room for gear and plenty of traction on hand thanks to the 38x13.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs. With a flexy coilover suspension and an experienced driver behind the wheel, this JK had no issues throughout the trip other than a front driveshaft on the third trail day.

Engine: 3.8L V-6
Transmission: Stock
Transfer Case: Rubicon with Advance Adapters Rubi-Crawler
Front Axle: Dynatrac ProRock 60, ARB Air Locker, 5.38
Rear Axle: Dynatrac ProRock 60, ARB Air Locker, 5.38
Springs & Such: Long-travel suspension with King coilovers (front); Cantilever long-travel with King coilovers (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 38x13.50-17 Falken WildPeak MTs on 17x9.5 Walker Evans beadlocks
Steering: PSC ram-assist with high-steer kit and FK Heims
Winch: Warn 10K
Lighting: TruckLite LED headlights, PIAA auxiliary lights
Other Stuff: Chappelle Kustom sliders, Gen-Right bumpers, MasterCraft seats, Tuffy Security lock boxes, Optima batteries, AEV hood

2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Unlimited

Drivers: Fred Perry & Corby Phillips

Warn has sponsored the UA longer than any other company, and we sincerely appreciate all of the support over the years. And for virtually all of those years, Warn has invited Fred Perry to represent the company. Perry may have a few years under his belt, but like a bad penny, he just keeps turning up. In all seriousness, we love him and couldn't imagine an UA without him. This year he partnered with Warn’s Corby Phillips, and the duo drove Perry’s clean and capable LJ. You would never know that this rig has been on its lid a few times, but that's mostly because Perry has a good body man at home. Always ready with a dirty joke and never afraid to step on the throttle when necessary, Perry is proof positive that age and treachery trump youth and enthusiasm every time. As for Phillips, he probably dropped 20 pounds with all the running up and down hills pulling winch cable for the group this year. Thanks to all the rain and slick conditions, Warn products were probably the most used on this year's trip.

Engine: 4.0L
Transmission: 42RLE automatic
Transfer Case: Atlas II
Front Axle: Currie RockJock 60, Dotroit Locker, 5.38
Rear Axle: Currie RockJock 60, Detroit Locker, 5.38
Springs & Such: Tera LCG with Fox 2.5 Air shocks front and rear
Tires & Wheels: 39x12.50-17 BFGoodrich Krawlers on 17-inch Walker Evans beadlocks
Steering: PSC ram-assist
Winch: Warn Zeon 10 Platinum
Lighting: Warn
Other Stuff: Warn bumpers front and rear, Warn compressor, Corbeau seats, Rockhard cage kit

Hi-Lift Jack
1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Drivers: Austin Harrah, Max Dollinger & Derek Phelps

Hi-Lift Jack's Austin Harrah enlisted the help of Max Dollinger to build a TJ in preparation for this year's event. Unfortunately, Harrah had last-minute family commitments that prevented him from making all but the last day of the UA, so Dollinger and Derek Phelps made the trip in Harrah’s Jeep, aka the rental. The Jeep sports a very flexy suspension, perhaps a bit too flexy at times, as it would often lift a tire or two on obstacles or even when going around corners. But thanks to careful driving by Dollinger and Phelps, none of the shiny blue sheetmetal ever got underneath the black rubber. In fact, the team spent very little time wrenching on the Jeep, which isn’t a bad way to get through an Ultimate Adventure. Dollinger’s day job is the owner of a 4x4 shop in Louisville, and Phelps works for Hi-Lift based in Bloomfield, Indiana.

Engine: 4.0L
Transmission: AX-15 manual
Transfer Case: Dana 300
Front Axle: Dana 44/60, Detroit Locker, RCV axleshafts, 4.56
Rear Axle: Ford 8.8, spool, 4.56
Springs & Such: 3-link with Fox coilovers (front); 4-link with Fox coilovers (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 37x12.50-17 Nitto Trail Grapplers on Raceline beadlock wheels
Steering: stock
Winch: Warn Zeon 10 Platinum
Lighting: Stock
Other Stuff: JCR bumpers front and rear, Factor 55 Prolink, Tuffy Security center console, Hi-Lift jack and accessories

BDS Suspension
2011 Chevrolet Crawlorado

Drivers: Kevin Stearns & Clark Cole

Kevin Stearns represented BDS Suspension this year and brought what is quite possibly the perfect late-model vehicle for the UA. The recipe? Take one V-8–powered Colorado (yes, GM made them for the brief period of time), replace the stock 5.3L with a 6.0L LS2, replace the IFS suspension with a ProRock 60, install a matching ProRock out back, insert an Offroad Design Magnum, add BDS suspension bits, and peel out. Stearns is a veteran UA participant and his shop built last year's Tug-Truck, so he knew exactly what it took to survive the trip. The one detail he didn't make quite public? The Colorado is his wife's. No word yet on how she felt about the bedside and fender "modifications," but at least he didn't mess up the nice BDS decals! The body damage would have been a lot worse if not for the careful spotting of co-driver and BDS suspension guru Clark Cole.

Engine: 6.0L LS2
Transmission: 4L65E
Transfer Case: Offroad Design NP205 Magnum
Front Axle: Dynatrac ProRock 60, Detroit Locker, 4.88
Rear Axle: Dynatrac ProRock 60, Detroit Locker, 4.88
Springs & Such: Adapted BDS JK 4-inch long arm with Fox coilovers (front); BDS leaf springs (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 37-inch Pitbulls on 17-inch American Eagle wheels
Steering: Modified
Winch: Warn Zeon 10S
Lighting: Vision X
Other Stuff: Custom Pacific Fabrication bumpers front and rear, bed rack, rock sliders

Offroad Design
1985 Chevrolet K30

Drivers: Stephen & James Watson

Like Fred Perry, it’s hard to imagine an Ultimate Adventure without Stephen Watson and his father James. The purveyors of Offroad Design have sponsored the trip for several years now, and they've brought a wide variety of Chevy trucks with a similar formula: a tube, or ranch, bed; big tires; V-8 power; and of course one of their signature Doubler or Magnum transfer cases. Fullsize Chevys are big and have lots of space, but they also tend to be heavy. ORD’s latest creation keeps the fullsize truck theme, but they put this truck on a serious diet. James Watson employed a variety of tricks to cut the fat out of the Chevy, and the result is something of a sleeper. It looks pretty basic but packs a helluva punch. The K30 has a well-dialed ORD suspension controlling the usual 1-ton axles, but with a twist: the front axle's differential is on the wrong side. Motivating this clean convertible is a Tilden Motorsports–built LS3 hybrid that winds quick and has more than enough woo-pow to throw the lightweight truck up just about anything.

Engine: Tilden Motorsports LS3/L92 hybrid
Transmission: TH400
Transfer Case: Offroad Design Magnum Ford 205
Front Axle: LH Dana 60, ARB Air Locker, 4.88
Rear Axle: GM 14-Bolt, ARB Air Locker, 4.88
Springs & Such: Offroad Design coilover system with 14-inch travel (front); ORD coilover system with 16-inch travel (rear)
Tires & Wheels: 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers on Trail Ready HD 17 beadlock wheels
Winch: Warn Zeon 10-S
Lighting: Lifetime LED
Other Stuff: Shortened frame, convertible cab, Airaid intake, PRP seats, Goatbuilt fuel tank; built from body and frame parts lying around the shop for the last 12 years

Synergy Manufacturing
2007 JK Wrangler Postal

Drivers: Rob Peterson & Bradley Lindseth

These guys probably had the most difficult adventure of all. Their UA started a few months prior to the first day. Rob Peterson not only had to build and prep the company's unique right-hand drive mail Jeep, but he and his team were also responsible for building the UA flattie from scratch. Somehow Peterson was able to pull off both builds, and in record time. He said the mail Jeep was put together last-minute, with the paint not even dry on the Willys before his crew attacked the JK just a few days prior to the start of UA. The Jeep benefits from a host of Synergy products, including the suspension, bumpers, fenders, and body armor. The Jeep performed well but had a few teething problems, including a blown radiator, a snapped power steering line, and a broken ring-and-pinion on the last trail day. He and co-driver Brad Lindseth were able to overcome all of these problems and the smiles never left their faces the entire trip, even though they made the questionable choice of bringing a shade-screen top rather than a real bikini or soft-top to the wettest UA on record.

Engine: Stock 3.8L
Transmission: Stock
Transfer Case: Advance Adapters Atlas II 3.8
Front Axle: Currie RockJock 44, ARB Air Locker, Yukon 5.13s
Rear Axle: Currie RockJock 60, ARB Air Locker, Yukon 5.13s
Springs & Such: Synergy 4-inch Stage 4 long arm with 8-inch rear stretch kit, Synergy progressive coils, 2 1/2-inch Fox shocks
Tires & Wheels: 37x12.50-17 Falken WildPeak MT on Trail Ready beadlocks
Winch: Warn Zeon 10-S
Lighting: KC HiLites 7-inch LED headlights
Other Stuff: Synergy Mfg. skidplates, rollcage kit, Baja Basket, and onboard shower; Poison Spyder bumpers, rocker guards, front fenders, and 8-inch styretch quarter panels; Curri Anti-Rock sway bars; PSC ram-assist steering; Optima battery

1982 Chevy CUCV

Driver: VJ Perrin

Returning sponsor The Eastwood Company stepped it up this year and tapped UA veteran and returning reader VJ Perrin to represent Eastwood on the trip. Perrin once again brought his iconic CUCV military truck to the party. Sporting a 5.9L Cummins, a modified military trailer bed, 1-ton axles, and a fish cooler big enough to hold a small whale, his truck was the perfect choice whenever we needed a solid land anchor. That's not to say that he had difficulty on the tight trails of this year's summer camp or that he shied away from difficult obstacles, because just the opposite was true. Never afraid to stick 10 pounds of truck in a five pound hole, Perrin made his truck do things it shouldn't have been able to do. Plus, he hardly ever needed the assistance of the Warn winch onboard. Although the axles and driveshafts screamed for mercy at times, somehow the CUCV was able to handle the abuse and Perrin barely had to spin a wrench on his own rig the entire week. Meanwhile, the Eastwood welder he carried came in ha dy several times, including making an "Eastwood Locker" for reader Jack Sloan after the first trail day.

Engine: 5.9L Cummins
Transmission: NV4500
Transfer Case: NP205
Front Axle: Dana 60, chromoly shafts, Detroit Locker,4.56
Rear Axle: 14-bolt, Detroit Locker, 4.56
Springs & Such: 8-inch BDS springs front and rear, BDS shocks
Tires & Wheels: 38x13.50-17 Falken WildPeak MT on Raceline wheels
Winch: Warn Zeon 12 with wireless remote
Lighting: Lifetime LED
Other Stuff: interior cage, bed cage, 70-gallon fuel tank, Eastwood welder, fish cooler, loose nut behind wheel