New Jeep Trail: Warpath

    Jeep Versus Nature

    It is hard to imagine trails like Patzcurro's Revenge and Tabasco Twister being boring, but if you live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and regularly take your Jeep on these famous rockcrawling trails, eventually they start to lose some of their luster. So, members of the Las Cruces 4WD Club started to look for other trails to run. While exploring old mines and ghost towns they kept an eye out for washed-out roads and trails and searched for rocky canyons to traverse. Eventually all of this hard work paid off, as they found some extremely challenging trails north of Las Cruces.

    Our destination was the Warpath Trail, which is only 3/4-mile long. However, unlike most trails in Las Cruces that have sandy arroyos interrupted by huge, dry waterfalls, Warpath is relentless and chucks one obstacle at you after the next. Trail boss John Griffin told us that the club ran the trail six times before they made it all the way through without any breakage. You don't just bring your lunch on a trail like this; you bring dinner and breakfast for the next day with you as well. And indeed, we were not immune from carnage on our trip to Warpath. Even still, the experience of the group allowed our six Jeeps to continue through the trail at a reasonable pace and get back to the tow rigs before sunset. Warpath is definitely not boring, but eating manifold burritos for dinner and spending the night on the trail in the back seat of a CJ is a little more excitement than we were looking for on this weekend!