5,000 Frozen Miles In A Jeep: Day 5

    Range Anxiety and Shopping In the North

    Andrew Comrie-PicardPhotographer, Writer

    We hear a lot about EV owners and their suffering from “range anxiety.” Will you be able to make it to yoga AND take the dog to the groomer? Well, as most wheelers know, range anxiety is nothing new. We've been wondering if we have enough fuel to make it back pretty much since the first one of us decided to go anywhere interesting.

    What is new to me, however, is driving more than 300 miles on a major route (the frozen Liard Highway in northern Canada) without seeing anything except two wild bison walking calmy down the side of the road. No people, no stores, no buildings, no backup, and no fuel.

    Now, we knew this. And we knew that at the 305-mile mark or so we could go 4 miles of route to the small native community of Fort Liard and get fuel of no specified octane from a cardlock. All that we knew. But we didn't know the range of the Jeep.

    We did calculations, we made posturings, we swore to drive gingerly. We watched the ECO light and the fuel mileage calculator like hawks. Whenever we felt a slight headwind, we silently cursed. Eventually we were coasting down hills in neutral.

    We made it to Fort Liard and put 22.7 gallons in the tank. JK experts can opine on this, but I was under the impression it was a 22.5-gallon tank.

    But what did we get for all this anxiety? What did we suffer? We found views of one of the most vast, rugged, and still wild landscapes on the planet. We drove out onto the surface of the Liard River with views of the legendary Nahanni Butte. We experienced a feeling of solace and vastness in an unpopulated place.

    Try that in your plug-in EV.

    PS: we're not total idiots. We did have 10 gallons of fuel in auxiliary cans. But it's so dirty and cold to use them. Maybe we should be going to yoga after all. Oh, the cardlock had a shop that sold chainsaw gear and battery warmers. Awesome.

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