The 3rd Annual KMC Jeep Bash Made A Big Splash

    3rd Annual KMC Jeep Bash

    Jake HeadleePhotographer, WriterKevin HeadleePhotographer

    Southern California is known for being the home of the Beach Boys, the surfer lifestyle, and some of the best beaches in the country. However, there aren’t but a couple of beach-related Jeep events throughout the entire state. Aside from the on-again, off-again events at Pismo, the KMC Jeep Bash held in Long Beach, California, co-hosted by Jeep and EVO Manufacturing, is the only other beach-related Jeep event in California..

    Stretched out around the iconic lighthouse at Shoreline Aquatic Park in Long Beach, the 3rd Annual KMC Jeep Bash Presented by Jeep, held July 8, 2017, was the best yet. Nearly 300 Jeeps came out and were parked for display. “We could have brought in a lot more,” explained Mel Wade, owner of EVO Manufacturing. “But space is limited and I had to cap the number of entries.”

    Dozens of vendors were also on hand to display their latest and greatest products, including 4 Wheel Parts, Dynatrac, King Shocks, Nitto Tire, Synergy Manufacturing, GenRight Off Road, and many more. Jeep also had a booth set up so that attendees had a chance to check out some of the new Jeep vehicles and win some goodies.

    The park is located just across the bay from the famous Queen Mary cruise ship. KMC Wheels had a live band playing in its booth at the base of the lighthouse, and if the amazing Jeep builds all around weren’t enough to get you drooling, an award-winning food truck was on site. Mess Hall Canteen has a ton of delicious food options.

    There wasn’t any off-roading going on and there’s no real beach at the park, but anytime you can get a bunch of Jeep people together, it is going to be a great time—the 3rd Annual KMC Jeep Bash was just that! The buzz has already started for next year; so if you want to get your Jeep in the show, keep your eyes open for the registration announcement. For all the information, check out