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#MTSEMA18 – Move-In Day at the Bronze Lot and Surrounding Area

Boxes and Forklifts and a Few Pretty Cool Trucks

Brett T. EvansPhotographer, Writer

The 2018 Specialty Market Equipment Association (SEMA) Show doesn’t officially begin until today, but we were on site a day early to check out some of the action on move-in day.

The cool thing about Monday at SEMA is the crowds are mercifully small. Aside from having to dodge rolls of carpet, packing crates, and the odd forklift or flatbed, it’s easy to snap pics of some of the cool builds SEMA is known for. While we’ll get the full idea of what SEMA has to offer once the show lights and booth attractions are fully operational, move-in day is a great way to “case the joint” and get a sense of some of the trends and builds we’ll see as the week goes on.

Scroll through our gallery of the Bronze Lot and surrounding areas below, and be sure to check out the pristinely restored Spinnaker Blue Jeep Grand Wagoneer, six-door Jeep Wrangler JLU, lifted OBS Ford F-350 dualie, and one very unique rotary-powered dualie (OK, that one’s not a truck, but still, it’s cool).

We’ll be on the floor first thing today, so be sure to follow along with all of our adventures using the hashtag #MTSEMA18.