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#MTSEMA18 - SEMA Show Cream of the Crop

SEMA 2018 Show Builds That Stand Out

Ken BrubakerPhotographerVerne SimonsWriterChristian HazelPhotographer

SEMA. You’ve heard the name. You probably know it’s the be-all and end-all of aftermarket shows anywhere. Everything relevant to the automotive aftermarket is there, and just about everyone involved is there, too. Usually I end up going to SEMA early and often. I’m pretty sure I was there when the doors opened last year (not for the setup days) and I remember getting pushed out as the doors closed.

This year is different. With lots of tech projects currently going on and lots of deadlines looming I, like many of you, am currently at home working. That means that instead of wandering the halls I am digitally browsing the articles posted by my friends and colleagues . . . like my boss and friend Christian Hazel and the incomparable Ken Brubaker from Four Wheeler magazine. The Four Wheeler Network, fourwheeler.com, is a great source for the visual side of SEMA.

SEMA is definitely a must-see of any car nut, but a lot of what’s there is basically irrelevant to what I use in the shop or on the trail. It’s pretty much impossible to see everything at SEMA during the whole week, let alone two days, but two days are all I’ve got. I’ve got to plan ahead by checking out what others have seen so I can go have a closer look and avoid all the brodozers, lowriders, diaper rubbies, and so on. Basically separate the dirty 4x4 wheat from the shiny unused chaff. Here are some of the rigs I definitely want to go see firsthand. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to go do it!